The officials and staff of HMWSSB participated Swachh Telangana- Swachh Hyderabad on 19.05.2015.

Sri.Gampa Govardhan, Hon’ble MLA, Kamareddy, Patron & Sri.M.Jagadeeshwar, IAS, Managing Director, HMWSSB, Mentor for Madhapur Area, undertook Padayathra in Kavuri Hills, Ravindra Society, Cyber Hills Nava Bharath Nagar, Deepti Hills  on Tuesday the 19th May 2015, to sensitize the public about the Swachh Telangana- Swachh Hyderabad.

Seven Civic problems were prioritized in the area with the Residential Welfare Associations and the same were addressed. The issues are 1) Waste disposal 2) Water Supply Position 3) Sewer overflows 4) Street Lights 5) Roads 6) Security 7) optimum use of existing vacant lands.

The Mentor Sri.M.Jagadeeshwar, IAS, Managing Director, HMWSSB suggested for forming seven functional Sub-Communities on these issues for continuous dialogue and sustained action to solve these issues. 

The Mentor also suggested for maintaining two dustbins at homes-One for wet waste another for dry waste for which the residents agreed to. The waste from their residences would be transported by rickshaw/Autos maintained by GHMC to safer places.

Similarly, for security problems, the Mentor advised the residents to maintain CCTV’s in select locations and the concerned police station would monitor the security situation. The Residential Welfare Associations agreed to install the CCTV’s at their cost.

Two roads which were in bad condition would also re-laid and some street lights were not functioning would be repaired immediately.

Later in the evening, the Mentor and other unit officers reviewed about the decisions, suggestions made during morning inspection.

With community participation, community policing backed with Government support, the objective of Swachh-Telangana, Swachh-Hyderabad can be achieved, reiterated both the Patron Sri.Gampa Govardhan, Hon’ble MLA, Kamareddy and the Mentor Sri.M.Jagadeeshwar, IAS, Managing Director, HMWSSB.  

 Among others who participated in the programme include Mrs.K.L.Vatsala Devi, Nodal Officer, GHMC, Sri.P.Venkateshwar Rao, General Manager(Engg.), O&M Division No.XV, Madhapur, HMWSSB.