Managing Director, HMWSSB made presentation in the workshop on “smart city startup” conducted in association with Microsoft. The presentation is on IT initiatives being implemented in HMWSSB and future projects, where IT companies can participate for improving service delivery to consumers.


IT Initiatives implemented in HMWSSB

  1. Registering and redressal of complaints of consumers through ‘Metro Customer Care’.
  2. Registering the consumer related complaints through APP.
  3. Registering and releasing of new water supply and sewerage connections online through SWC.
  4. Capturing of new connection details like date of boring, images of boring points, building and meter etc., and allotment of Consumer Account Number(CAN).
  5. Generation of water cess & sewerage bills and collection of bills at the door step.
  6. Registering of tanker requests and monitoring of the tanker delivery to consumers.
  7. Generation of bill automatically with the help of GPRS enabled meters (AMR) for Bulk consumers.
  8. Monitoring and analyzing water supplied to various divisions through SCADA.
  9. Sending real time alerts to the consumers regarding water supply delivery timings with the help of mobile APP.

10. Capturing and monitoring redressal of water leakages and sewer over flows complaints by staff through complaints monitoring system APP.





Future Projects

Project  descriptions


Transmission Trunk Lines O&M monitoring Module with Mobile App (Krishna Phase –I&II )

Capturing of the air valves in Krishna phase I&II data along with image, gps co-ordinate with survey app provided and fixing the valves with GPS .With the help of inspection mobile app daily maintenance checks will be monitored.


Chlorination Plants O&M Management systems with Mobile APP

Survey of Chlorination plants for GPS locations with the help of Mobile App and mapping the co-ordinates with plant. Updating the plant visits and plant health check in the mobile app provided to the operators. Complaints registering, assigning to the maintenance agency operator and updating status.  


Finance Accounting

Budgeting, fixed assets and financial module for effective fund management


SCADA at Section level  Supervisory control and data system

SCADA project currently at transmission line is to be implemented to the division/section level for distribution lines so as to analyze the UFW (Unaccounted for water).



To  monitor the assets in GIS based MIS and to sanction works with the help of GIS


Social auditing of  maintenance works

Portal in the website to publish works carried out in the HMWSSB under O&M activity every month for auditing from the public/social audit.