Though HMWSSB is supplying bulk water to Cantonment Board, mobile tankers for domestic consumers Cantonment Board were given from Marredpally filling station of HMWSSB as per the request made by Cantonment Board. HMWSSB is not having details of domestic consumers of Cantonment Board. Some tankers are misutilising this facility taking domestic tanker from HMWSSB and selling at Commercial rate. It was observed by the Managing Director during the inspection of MD on 03.10.2015 that seven tankers are playing mischief by taking tanker at domestic rates and selling at commercial rate. These seven tankers are seized. Now to stream line this issue meeting was held in MD’s Chamber on 03.10.2015 along with CEO of Cantonment Board. Where in CEO, Cantonment Board agreed to share the details of domestic consumers of Cantonment Board to HMWSSB within 2 days. Now domestic consumers of Cantonment Board will be able to book the tankers at domestic rates directly with HMWSSB from 16th OCT onwards (by which time the HMWSSB software will be updated with the details of domestic consumers of Cantonment Board) by calling 155313 from their registered mobile numbers. 

        All the tankers filling stations are having working meters and regularly concerned O&M GMs/DGMs and task force team are inspecting the filling stations to avoid mal practices. Stern action will be initiated against the tankers if they do such mal practices.