Krishna Phase-II ring main of 1600mm dia PSC pipeline which was laid during 2004 was burst at Balapur X Roads. Recently, along this line leakage were arrested at 17 locations. Near the burst point, other major leakage was attended. All along these vulnerable stretches, in a length of 2.4 Kms, 41 leakages were noticed and attended earlier. In view of the above the technical committee had inspected and came to the conclusion that it is better to replace the leak prone 2.4 Kms length in 7 stretches out of 14 KMs length with MS pipe line from Sahebnagar to Mailardevpally.

        After getting the information about burst of the pipe immediately Dr.B.Janadhran Reddy, IAS, Managing Director, Sri.M.Satyanarayana, Executive Director, Sri.S.Prabhakar Sharma, Director(Technical) along with Transmission Officers of HMWSSB rushed to the site and assessed the situation and spoke to the shop keepers (Cellar where water entered) adjacent to pipeline and directed the Engineers to take up the rectification works on war footing basis. Also notification was given that supply in Balapur will be affected through media.

          Also, Government was requested for permanent solution to replace the pipes with MS pipes in place of PSC pipes in the vulnerable stretches.