It is submitted that an adverse news item was published on dated:15.10.2015  in the ‘Mana Telangana’ telugu news paper under the caption  “Online loo Aawahnam Anugulaku Andhalam” leveling allegations to the effect that the Management of HMWS&SB  has been allotting the filling points at their discretion without considering the option exercised by the tanker owner.  It has been alleged among other things that applications were invited for KPHB filling point under O&M Dn.IX and at the discretion of the management, the tankers are being allotted to the Madhapur filling point under O&M Dn.XV. An allegation was also leveled to the effect that though steel tankers are invited for registration under Dial-a-tanker scheme but in contrary.


     At the outset the above allegations published in the ‘Mana Telangana’ telugu news paper are denied in toto. In this regard, it is submitted that in the Eenadu Telugu daily news paper and in Namaste Telugu daily news paper on dt: 20.03.2015, a paper notification was issued to the effect inviting applications from the tanker owners to engage their tankers under Dial-a-tanker scheme. In the said paper notification it has been proposed to come up with stainless steel tanker container and to register their tankers through online accessing online tanker application designed exclusively for the purpose in our website viz It is to be noted that in the said online tanker application, among other things, an option was put to the effect to fill up filling station name to which the tanker owner is intending to register his tanker.


     Till last month, the HMWS&SB have issued orders registering the tankers under Dial-a-tanker scheme as per the option exercised by the tanker owners. But the GM(E),O&M Dn.IX has expressed during the meeting not to allot additional tankers at Bhagyanagar OR KPHB filling station under O&M Dn.IX as the existing tankers are sufficient to meet the demand. On the other side the GM(E),O&M Dn.XV has requested to allot new tankers to Madhapur filling station to cope up with the  increased demand for tankers. After evaluating the situation, it has been decided to allot the new tankers by Management to Madhapur filling station under O&M Dn.XV.


     It is hereby clarified in view of the above allegations that the Management of HMWS&SB reserves the right to allot any filling point keeping in view the requirement and bookings at Metro Customer Care. As can be seen from the terms and conditions of the Dial-a-tanker scheme under clause -3 to the effect that the HMWS&SB is at liberty to transfer the vehicle registered in one Division to other, or one filling station to another based on need or administrative convenience. Only interested parties willing to work on this condition need to apply.


    Therefore, it is requested to treat the allegations as baseless and untrue.