HMWSSB is supplying tanker water to domestic consumers of Cantonment Board from Marredpally filling station of HMWSSB as per the requests made by Cantonment Board.

 As domestic consumers of Cantonment Board are not covered by HMWSSB, the service requests made are purely manual as a result of which some tankers were mis utilized by selling domestic tanker from HMWSSB at Commercial rates. The Managing Director, HMWSSB during the inspection on 03.10.2015 had identified this mischief of taking tanker at domestic rates and selling at commercial rate and seized those 7 tankers.

 In order to stream line this issue meeting was held in MD’s Chamber on 03.10.2015 along with CEO of Cantonment Board. Where in CEO, Cantonment Board agreed to share the details of domestic consumers of Cantonment Board to HMWSSB accordingly data was submitted by the Cantonment authorities for 13236 Unique Consumer Number (UCN) details, who are residing within the radius of 4 km to Maredpally filling station.   

 Accordingly as per data, HMWSSB created Tanker Booking numbers (TBN) for booking of tankers under domestic category through IVRS by calling 155313 from their registered mobile numbers to ensure services are reached to the genuine consumer.

 Consumers who are unable to book the Tankers are requested to update /register their mobile number with cantonment authorities and the same will be updated to HMWSSB for attending the tanker requests.