In the present day world, rapid urbanization coupled with industrialization has become the order of the day. Added to urbanization, scanty and erratic rainfall is often resulting in reduction in water levels indicating depletion in storage in the surface reservoirs. Dependence on ground water is increasing rapidly over the past two decades. The demand is so high that indiscriminate use of groundwater resulting in steep fall of the ground water levels and there is also reduction in yields.

Apart from this, sealing of permeable soil zone is gradually increasing due to construction activities thereby resulting in reduced percolation of rainwater into the sub-surface and increased surface run-off. Therefore an urgent need to take up rain or roof water harvesting or conservation methods in urban and rural areas on a large scale, which subsequently help to recharge and maintain ground water balance, in order to make it on a sustainable source.

In view of the above, the Managing Director HMWSSB solicits the cooperation and participation of all citizens to propagate water conservation as the Board started the common cause of implementation of a massive programme on Rainwater Harvesting or Conservation this year. The Board is offering Online applications from the interested Residential Welfare Associations for conducting Awareness programmes in the colonies for technical guidance to construct Rainwater Harvesting or Conservation Structures in individual houses or Apartments in their colony at their own cost. In addition to that, the Board also will take up construction of Rainwater Harvesting Structures along with injection wells in the open places, parks etc..in the colonies  on the request of interested Residential Welfare Associations if they enter into MOU with the Board for regular maintenance of the structures to augment the depleted groundwater to mitigate water problem in Urban areas.

All the interested residential welfare associations are requested to visit www.hyderabadwater.gov.in and apply for the rainwater harvesting structures online. The Assistant Director (GW), HMWSSB will Contact the association and conduct Awareness programmes in the respective colonies and select suitable areas for construction of suitable Rainwater Harvesting structures. For any queries relating to RWH Citizens Can Call HMWSSB Metro Customer Care on 155313 or The Assistant Director (GW), HMWSSB mail id:adgw102@gmail.com.