Minutes of meeting on pre-bid meeting for Expression of Interest (EOI) for Consultancy Study for “Preparation of Water Supply DPR’s for the GPs/Villages/Habitations inside the ORR” held on dt:18-11-2015 at conference hall, 1st floor, HMWSSB administrative building, Khairatabad, Hyderabad.



  1. Sri M.Satyanarayana                      Executive Director and Engineer-in-Chief,
  2. Sri P.S.Suryanarayana                   Director (Rev.&UFW) 
  3. Sri V.L.Praveenkumar                    C.G.M (E)/R.C
  4. Sri Y.Bhujanga Rao                       G.M(E)/UFW
  5. Sri G.V.NageswaraRao                  D.G.M(E)/R.C
  6. Sri K.Venkat Krishna                      Mgr(E)/R.C



  1. Sri S.Kranthi Kumar                       M/s Shah Technical Consultants Pvt.Ltd;
  2. Sri Ch.Sri Varma                            M/s CIST Infrastructures,
  3. Sri M.Ranga Reddy                       M/s S.K. Associates,
  4. Sri Mithun Naskar                         M/s Tata Consulting Engineers Ltd,


      The Executive Director, HMWSSB has explained the objectives of the project and the scope of work in detail with reference to time limits, technologies and optimal techniques to be chosen  to the subject project and asked the agencies about their projects of similar nature,the Executive Director, HMWSSB has asked the agencies if any in clarifications are required on ‘RFP’ document.

     In this regard, the agencies have explained their project credentials in the area of water sector and the following three agencies M/s Shah Technical Consultants Pvt. Ltd; M/s CIST Infrastructures & M/s S.K. Associates have expressed they require no clarifications on ‘RFP’ document but one agency ie M/s Tata Consulting Engineers Ltd, has raised the following queries and necessary reply is kept below.


Sl. No

RFP page No./ clause ref.

Quote as per RFP doc.

Clarification sought



Section 1: Clause 2(i) on page 3 / 57 of RFP document.

Detailed survey

Pls. indicate the area and the extent of topographical survey and alignment survey to be carried out for each area mentioned in the RFP.

We request you to provide existing survey details if any, this would help us to assess the extent of survey required.

Proposed new areas which are between  outside GHMC limits and with in ORR limits..

List of Grampanchayats / Villages / Habitations have been enclosed along with RFP document as Annexure-I & II for reference to study.

Also, HMWS&SB may  arrange the existing  data, drawings, details pertaining to the project area core area, peripherals area to the successful prospective consultant and  they  may also get information as required from Google earth.


Section 1: Clause 2(i) on page 3/57 of RFP document.

Field investigations, Soil investigation

As the project scope is vast, for Competitive bid we request to indicate the extent / no.of boreholes/ trial pits to be considered for the costing.

Prospective consultant may adopt most optimum techniques on par with latest technologies on soil & field investigation and minimizing on investment on expenses..


Section 1: Clause 2(iv) on page 3/ 57 of RFP document.

 Detailed project reports for developing the infrastructure of storage reservoirs, at suitable locations, trunk inlet and distribution mains.

Kindly confirm whether the Consultant shall prepare Good for Construction (GFC) drawings?

Drawings shall be useful for preparation of detailed estimates. Good for construction drawings are not required.


Section 1: Clause 2(vi) on page 4/ 57 of RFP document.

Integration of the existing system of core city, peripheral and extended areas.

Are consultants required to study, design/ check and cost for improvement of existing system in core city, peripheral and extended areas?

Existing network details will be arranged by HMWS&SB and the prospective consultant  shall integrate with if any non-covering areas of the existing system of core city, peripherals on par with the new proposed areas duly demarking with nomenclature for different units / divisions.


Section 2: data sheet 5.2(iii) on page 14/ 57 of RFP document.

Qualifications and competence of the Key staff for the Assignment.

List of Key professional staff considered for evaluation is not indicated. Please elaborate this marking pattern.

 Point rating system mainly based on key professional staff Qualifications and their experiences in the similar nature of tasks.


Clause 2.1 on page 46/ 57 of RFP document.

The date for commencement of Services is 1-12-2015.

Please clarify whether the date to be read as “10.12.2015”. as per Clause 7.2 of data Sheet on Page 14/57 of RPF document.

 10.12.2015 (tentative) or Date of work order to be issued to the successful  prospective consultant.


Clouse 2.2 on page 46/ 57 of RPF document.

Period shell be 2 months

The project duration of 2 months is very less for carrying out survey, investigation, design, preparation of cost estimates and preparation of DPR.

We request you to consider 4 months.

Time limits framed in the RFP document are as per the urgency & importance of the project involved,


Sl. Bo. 3 and 4 of Appendix B on page 51/ 57 RFP document.

Infrastructure maps as required.

Site Drawings – As required.

Kindly indicate the Maximum No. of copies for these 2 Deliverables.

Minimum of 5 sets and will be varied as per requirement.


Appendix B on page 51/ 57 RPF document.

Reporting Requirements.

The time schedule indicated for the activities is very less and requires revision. The time taken for review and clearing from HMWSSB is not accounted. Please clarify and indicate the time required for approvals from HMWSSB.

Time schedule indicated for the activities in the RFP document are  including reviews, rectifications, Corrections and  approvals by the competent authorities (whatever activities  may be necessary for the tasks are to be included  in the specified time limits).



                                                                                                       Chief General Manager (E),

                                                                                                                                                    Revenue Circle.