HMWSSB supplying Godavari Drinking Water Supply to the areas of Quthbullapur, Kukatpally and parts of Erragadda, Sanathnagar and Banjara Hills. Presently 56 Mgd of water is being supplied.

             Being the supply from Godavari Scheme is through newly laid pipeline, inspite of treatment of water as per the standards, still it is observed certain turbidity at the consumer end.

            Inview of the above, HMWSSB has requested the Institute of Preventive Medicine agency to check up the quality of water. Accordingly they have reported that at Water Treatment Plant, Mallaram, the treated water is within the permissible counts, i.e; turbidity of treated water is 0.55 NTU which is within permissible limits of 10 NTU and pH value is 7.48 which is within permissible range of 6.5 to 8.5.

            However due to certain complaints from the customers, MD/HMWSSB Dr B.Janardhan Reddy, IAS, has made surprise visit to the Banjara Hills reservoir to personally verify the quality of water being released to the customers along with Senior Officers.

            After detailed verification of the quality parameters particularly about the turbidity and residual chlorine, he instructed the concerned to increase the dosage of chlorine at Lingampally Master Balancing Reservoir as well as at all respective reservoirs immediately and made appeal to the customers that inspite of water treatment to the potable standards, as certain turbidity levels are visible on account of new pipelines, the customers are informed that not to be panic about quality of water and advised to have further filteration at their end and conserve the water.