1. Water supply from River Godavari for the first time:

      The Water from Godavari Drinking Water Supply Project reached the city on Nov- 29th 2015 with operating one pump with a capacity of 28.50 MGD after the entire trunk main and ring main were properly scoured to clean the pipe line. At the time of commissioning of a new water supply pipeline it is common to have some turbidity initially for some time in the water. Before the water is cleared and after successful trial run with one pump and to increase the supply another pump was put in operation on 02.12.2015 and this increased the turbulence in the water and the turbidity was increased slightly. Necessary chlorination is being given at Ghanpur reservoir for disinfection of the water. In a day or two, 3rd pump will also be started and some more turbulence is expected and the turbidity may last for a week or so. However quality of water is being maintained as per standards by  chlorination at Ghanpur reservoir.

      However, the consumers of the Division.VI, IX, XII & XV, who are getting the water from Godavari Drinking Water Supply Project are once again requested to consume the water after boiling and filtering or after using any other disinfection method as a safety measure.

  1. Contingency action plan:

     The Inter Ministerial Central team has arrived to the Hyderabad city to assess the drought situation -2015 and briefed by the Chief Secretary in the meeting held today for which the officials from the departments concerned including HMWSSB attended. The team will inspect the dried up lakes at Osmansagar, Himayathsagar and Manjeera Barrage etc., on 08.12.2015 along with the officials from HMWSSB.  HMWSSB requested a financial assistance of Rs:134.30 Crores for drought relief works for the year 2015-16/2016-17. 

     HMWSSB is arranging for supplying of water to the colonies situated in Serlingampally municipality from Lingampally towards Patancheru side by pumping in the reverse direction as never before as the Manjeera and Singoor reservoirs have gone dry. Since inception of the Manjeera Drinking Water Supply scheme this situation has not arised. HMWSSB is making all efforts against odds for supplying of water to the colonies in the Serilingampally Municipal Circle area.

     It may take another two weeks to fully stabilize the supplies in these colonies for which the consumers are earnestly requested to kindly bear any hardship till such period.