WATER BULLETIN on 30-11-2015

1)        Calamity Relief Fund : HMWSSB requested the Govt to provide Rs. 134 Crores. The letter addressed to the Govt is appended.

 2)        Consultants for preparation of DPR for 164 villages with ORR – Ten bids received – Consultants will be entrusted in few days.

 3)        Godavari Drinking Water Supply : Provided Godavari water to Quthbllapur covering the areas of Jagadgirigutta, Shapurnagar, Chinthal etc.

 4)        Mobile tankers diversion to O&M Div No: VI areas from other divisions due to complete the pendency.

 5)        Inview of depletion of sources of Singur & Maneera, its drawls are under curtail. The area under these sources are Serilingampally, Kukatpally, Quthbullapur and Banjarahills, Sanathnagar, Borabanda, Erragadda area. Mostly in couple of days the total supplies will be stopped from these sources. Normal drawls from Manjeera is 45 Mgd and Singur is 75 Mgd totalling 120 Mgd. Today the drawls are restricted to 60 Mgd.

           Further it will be limited to only 20 Mgd, which will be supplied to the customers situated in Medak District area. As such the total shortfall from Manjeera / Singur source will be about 100 Mgd to Hyderabad City.

6)        Proposal for supplementation to Manjeera / Singur source area : Programmed to supply from Godavari is 28 Mgd regularly from 02.12.2015 and 57 Mgd from 05.12.2015. Further, from Krishna Phase III, 5 Mgd will be supplemented from 02.12.2015 and will be increased to 10 Mgd from 10.12.2015. Therefore by 10.12.2015, total supplementation from Godavari & Krishna Phase III is about 67 Mgd against 100 Mgd and programmed to supplement additional 28 Mgd from Godavari so that about 95 Mgd will be supplied against 100 Mgd to the Manjeera / Singur supply area.