1. Additional water quantity of 28.00 MGD is added to water supply by operating 3rd pump on Godavari Project System, with this total of 364 MGD is being supplied to citizens of Hyderabad as on today, whereas last year on the same day 340 MGD was supplied.

         Godavari project 1st pump operated on 27th Nov 2015, 2nd pump started on 2nd Dec 2015 and 3rd pump on           17th Dec 2015.


  1. General Manager (E), O&M Div X and his staff seized the motors from Krishna Nagar of Dilsukhnagar section who are illegally sucking from water board pipelines. Consumers are advised not fix motors to water board pipelines.


  1. It is noticed by HMWSSB that in certain localities precious water is over flowing on the roads due to overflow from the water storage tanks after getting filled, whenever water is released by HMWSSB. Especially this is happening in the early morning supplies. This is not only wasting precious water but also damaging municipal roads. Therefore, HMWSSB request all the consumers to fix up suitable devices like ball cocks to the inlets of these sumps so that wastage of precious water can be avoided. HMWSSB also instructed the field staff to closely monitor such wastage of water from the consumer premises and educate them to provide ball cocks.