It is to inform that HMWSSB is supplying potable water to about 1500 consumers of Mahabharat Nagar, BJR Nagar, Maruthi Nagar, Indira Nagar & Gandhi Nagar areas from Red hills reservoir for 2 hours on every alternative day. During QAT testing it was found that few houses, water is being supplied with nil chorine, though many houses supply of water is done with 0.5 PPM.

       During inspection of Director (Technical), Director (Revenue & UFW), CGM(E), O&M Circle III  & General Manager (E), O& M Division IV is observed that in Mahabharat Nagar about 50 houses are having pit taps, due to which contamination of water taking place and initially for about 5 to 10 minutes  contaminated water is coming in the pipes. Also, it is observed that some house connections were passing through storm water drains. Some consumers who are residing in 2nd & 3rd floors are sucking water by fixing motor to HMWSSB pipelines at ground level, thereby seepage water entering HMWSSB pipelines.

         Instructions were given to O&M Div General Manager IV to stop supply of water through pipes and remove all the pit taps within 3 days. Till such time water tankers will be provided. Also instructions were given to GM, O&M Div IV to change the pipe lines, where ever they are crossing storm water drains and to take up reconstruction of damaged sewer man holes.

         Consumers are advised to close all pit taps and not to resort to illegal sucking of water with motors.