The Managing Director held teleconference today with all the officers right from Managers to Directors and reviewed the entire supplies in Godavari system including Quality aspect.

 The water received at lingampally on 29/11/2015 through Godavari Drinking Water Supply project with starting of one pump, later 2nd pump started on 2/12/2015 and 3rd pump on 17/12/2015. With starting of each pump turbidity levels increased due to long distance of travel i.e. 110 kms after treatment of the water and it's large size of diameter i.e. 3000 mm. 

 Now the turbidity levels are considerably reduced from high turbidity levels in beginning. The present levels turbidity also further reduce within a week from now and become clear.

 HMWSSB thanks it's consumers for their tolerance to bear the turbidity which is inevitable during the commissioning phase any pipe line and the print media for it's role in enlightening the things to the public successfully.

 MD  instructed  concerned GMs to make arrangements for immediate cleaning of all the reservoirs which supplies and receives water from Godavari source so as to provide clean water to the consumers. Further it's also advised to clean the reservoirs with making use of the one compartment to supply water and cleaning of another compartment without disturbing the supplies.  

  The Consumers are requested to Boil the water before Consuming as a

    Precautionary Measure.