A meeting was conducted with Green Brigade Agencies, Billing & Collection agencies and meter readers on 28.12.2015.

          In the meeting it was discussed at length and the following points noted:

  1. In some places customers are removing the meters complaining of low pressure.
  2. In some places meter chambers are not in place enabling easy removal.
  3. In some places meter was fixed in wrong direction and therefore meter reading was abnormal.
  4. In some places meter reading showed an abnormal jump which needs to be corrected.
  5. In some places meter is struck and therefore meter reading could not be given.

      The meeting resolved to take up the matter at next higher levels and see to it that

  1. Stiff penalties are proposed for those who remove meters.
  2. The average of 15KL/PM levied for 15mm connection may be enhanced disconnecting those who tend to remove meter.
  3.  Notices are proposed to be given to who tend to remove meters.

     As Board is proposing to come down with a heavy hand on those without meters, customers are advised not to remove the meters from the pipeline and help the Board account for the water.