Dr .B. Janardhan Reddy, IAS, Managing Director, HMWSSB held a Review meeting with Senior Officers of Board on various issues here at Board Office on Monday the 22nd February, 2016.

Among other issues, the Managing Director reviewed about Water Conservation, Rain water Harvesting, 100 days Action Plan, Revenue Improvement, UFW, Tanker Management, Categorization of Water Supply Connections etc.

The Managing Director stressed the need of Water Conservation particularly in the back drop of 1) Board is bringing Drinking Water from long distances from as far as 110 Kms from Nagarjuna Sagar and 186 Kms from Yellampally (Godavari Waters) 2) Depleting Ground Water Levels 3) Board is spending huge amount on production of water including electricity charges.

About 100 days Action Plan, the Managing Director   instructed that day –wise programme should be chalked out and progress monitored with officers and executive agencies.

Regarding Rain Water Harvesting, 1000 pits should be dug during the 100- days Action Plan, the Managing Director said.

As regards free tankers Management, he observed that apart from introducing AVTS (Automatic Vehicle Tracking System) on pilot basis in certain localities, the Geo-tagging should be done as well as signatures of 3-4 Key persons should be taken at the time of tanker delivery.

The list identified by Vigilance Team about the Commercial Category of water supply connections mainly Lodges, Hotels Hostels and other Commercial establishments, should be converted immediately by the concerned Officer(s) failing which Action will be taken against the erring Officer(s).

About UFW (Unaccounted For Water) the Managing Director said the UFW is ranging from 38% to 70% in different O & M Divisions and it should be reduced to atleast 35% to save water and improve Revenues. He told the officers to take necessary assistance from self-help groups in this regard.  He asserted the Revenue should touch Rs 100 Crore Target in this month.

The Managing Director also told to work out a proposal of it putting up water kiosks like ATMs where in the pedestrians can get one litre water for Re one like ATMs.

Among others who attended the meeting includes Sri. M. Satyanarayana, Executive Director, Sri. G. Rameshwar Rao, Director (Operations), Sri. Dr. P. S. Suryanarayana, Director (Revenue), Sri. M. Konda Reddy, Director (Projects-2), Sri. T. Ravinder Reddy, Director (Finance) HMWSSB.