Dr.B.Janardhan Reddy, IAS, Managing Director, HMWSSB had reviewed with all Directors, O&M CGMs & GMs regarding summer contingency plan, construction of Rain Water Harvesting Structures, delivery of tankers, supply of pipes to the sanctioned works by Central Stores Division, conversion of Domestic connections to Commercial connections etc., The details are given below


  1. All O&M CGMs and GMs are instructed to repair all Hand Pumps & Power bore wells subject to availability of water.
  2. All O&M CGMs & GMs are instructed to complete repairs to static tanks, Electrical Pumps & Motors immediately so that they are put to use in this summer.
  3. All O&M CGMs & GMs are instructed to monitor supply and delivery of tankers and see that they are supplied promptly without delay. Instructions were given to enhance tanker filling stations and number of tankers depending on the necessity to meet the summer demand.
  4. All O&M CGMs & GMs are instructed to take personal interest in conservation of water by creating awareness among the consumers and execute construction of 100 Rain Water Harvesting Structures in each division duly taking undertaking from Resident Welfare Associations for the maintenance of RWH Structures.
  5. All O&M CGMs & GMs were instructed to check all the premises where domestic connection is taken and is being used for commercial purposes, and convert them to commercial category in this month only and if any deviation is found, disciplinary action will be initiated against responsible persons.
  6. All the consumers are informed that an opportunity is given to the consumers to inform voluntarily for conversion if they have taken domestic connection and used for commercial category in this month only. Afterwards heavy penalty will be levied to the consumer, if it is noticed that domestic connection is used for commercial purposes.
  7. The Managing Director instructed CGMs & GMs Stores to speed up the process of purchasing pipes and issue necessary pipes to the sanctioned works on priority basis.
  8. All the employees were instructed to take pledge on ‘Save Water’ on 5th March 2016, to create awareness among employees and consumers.