I    Dr.B.Janardhan Reddy, IAS, Managing Director, HMWSSB issued following instructions to  

        O&M CGMs/GMs/DGMs & Managers for construction of RWH structures:

1.Site selection to be done by O&M Managers duly discussing with consultant, Ground water and representatives of residents welfare association site will be tracked with Mobile application duly capturing the longitude, latitude& image of the site.

 2. RWH structure to be constructed in common places of the colonies, Municipal parks, play grounds, community center, schools and college premises, Government buildings and around abandoned /defunct bore wells. Where there is a possibility of flowing of rain water. Care shall be taken such that sewerage water does not flow towards this structure.

 3.Under taking will be obtained from the concerned welfare association/residents for regular maintenance of structure by concerned General Manager.

 4.Estimate to be done by Manager of O&M Section based on the feasibility report submitted through Mobile application.

 5.All O&M Divisions, including GM (SWC) and GM XVIII, XIX& XX shall take up minimum of 100 RWH structures per division.

 6.Administrative sanction and Technical sanction will be accorded by concerned GMs and CGMs.

 7.Mobile application will be provided to Managers, DGMs, GMs, Agencies &Ground water consultant for uploading the progress of works with Geo tagging.

 8.Monitoring of works by the concerned Manager/DGM/GM/CGM along with Ground water consultant & representatives of welfare association/colonies.

 9.The consultant ground water will submit the work completion report through mobile application duly geo tagging the pit along with hard copy.

 10.Concerned CGMs/GMs will make payment of bills after it is recorded by the Manager (E) of the section, duly taking certificate from the consultant & welfare association/ residents regarding the completion of work.  


Dr.P.S.Suryanarayana, Director (Revenue)/FAC Director (Technical/P&A), HMWSSB held a Revenue review meeting of O&M Divisions. I, II & X under the jurisdiction of O&M Circle-I, Goshamahal and O&M Divisions  III, IV, V  under the jurisdiction of O&M Circle- III, Goshamahal at Board Office, Khairatabad on Friday i.e 04.03.2016 in the presence of Sri.V.L.Praveen Kumar, CGM(Engg.), Revenue Circle, General Managers (Engg.), Dy.General Managers(Engg.) and Managers(Engg.) Meter Readers of O&M Circle – I & III.

            The Director (Revenue) reviewed among other issues status of meters, billing pattern, verification of disconnected connections, Water Accountability, change of categories, etc.

The Director (Revenue) instructed the GMs(Engg.) for improving Revenue Collections by issuing timely Bills, Notices to Defaulters, Filing Criminal Cases, invoking RR Act wherever necessary.

The Director (Revenue) instructed in particular the Meter Readers to make 100% billing and collection in view of recent waiver of arrears of water bills to improve Revenues of Board.

The Director (Revenue) also instructed the GMs(E), Dy GMs(E), Manager(E) for speedy redressal of customer grievances.



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