Dr .B. Janardhan Reddy, IAS, Managing Director, HMWSSB held a Review meeting on Monday the 14th March 2016 at Board Office, Khairatabad with all the Directors.

1) The Managing Director reviewed about water supply scenario in all the drinking water supply sources, revenue collections, leakages, water supply to hospitals etc.,

2) Regarding leakage at Moosarambagh, the water is leaking through the expansion joint which is provided on the 1000mm dia MS pipeline laid over the cement concrete bridge on Musi river at Moosarambagh and also it is reported in one of the New paper. To attend the leakage, pipeline needs to be emptied and open the expansion joint and refix it with new expansion joint including providing new rubber rings etc., it takes more than 30 hrs for emptying of pipeline and complete the work as the pipeline portion is situated in the lowest level. About 60,000 families will be deprived of water supply for two days if the work of attending leakage is taken up. Hence the work will be taken up and completed during the next shut down or in the month of July- 2016 i.e after onset of monsoon. 

3) In Nizampet gram panchayat area network to be developed with an investment of Rs. 35.00 Crores to construct 5.00 ML capacity reservoir and provide necessary distribution network. It is informed to the association that if the residents are willing, the project cost will be distributed among the prospective applicants and work will be taken up.

Managing Director discussed with the District collector, Ranga reddy district, and Commissioner, Panchayat Raj & Rural development and requested them for making payments of arrears of gram panchayats and RWS schemes which were accumulated to the tune of Rs.239.54 Crores.