Constitution of Committee To Enquire Into The “Rectification Of Leakage On Godavari Pipeline And Reoccurrence.

         The State Government has instructed HMWSSB to form a high power committee drawing experts form JNTU and HMWSSB to enquire in to the whole issue and suggest suitable remedial measures.

The following are members of committee:

1)       Dr. M.V.Ramana Rao, Professor in Civil Engineering, JNTU

2)       Dr. P.Srinivasa Rao, Professor in Civil Engineering, JNTU

3)       Sri S.Prabhakar Sharma, Retd. Director (Technical), HMWSSB

4)       Dr. P.S.Surya Narayana, Director (Revenue & UFW), HMWSSB

Terms of reference:

  1. Reasons for leakage.

a)    Bad workmanship

b)   Tampering  - signs

c)    Any FIRs filed

  1. Duration of leakage

a)    Water lost

b)   Revenue loss

c)    Hardship caused to consumers

  1. Was it essential to carry out the repairs now.
  2. Was there a possibility of deferring the repairs to some other date.
  3. Were standard operating procedures adopted for repairs.
  4. Why leakages reappeared after repairs

a)    Who is responsible?

b)   Bad workmanship

c)    Bad monitoring/supervision

  1.  Quantification of:

a)    Water loss

b)   Revenue loss

c)    Suffering to the consumers

d)   Loss of face to HMWSSB & Government.

  1. Whether defect liability period is ON, if so are they equipped to handle it.
  2. Why the firm did not take up preventive measures.
  3. Who is responsible from department side
  4. Any other issue which will provide insights for taking remedial measures.

 The Committee shall enquire into the whole issue as per the terms of reference mentioned above and suggest suitable remedial measures within two days.