The sewerage overflow at Chintalabasthi into second cellar of Moghul Emami Mansion has been rectified today afternoon employing three Air-Tech Machines since yesterday night.

The sewage water entered into the cellar through the sewerage connection connected to the manhole at 900 to the channel level of the Trunk sewer due to chokage of Trunk sewer near Shadan College on the down stream side.

Two manhole covers on the main road at Shadan College were buried under the road recently about a month back and it became difficult to locate the manholes and caused delay in repair work of clearing choakage. Lumps of plastic bags and other fibrous were found in the sewerage line clogging the silt and causing stagnation of sewage in the pipeline. After cleaning the obstructions, sewerage passed freely and the overflow in to the cellar stopped.

Customers are requested not to dump waste materials like plastic bags and fibrous items etc., in to sewer lines which causes clogging and overflow on roads and backflow into premises.

The other service departments including Hyderabad Metropolitan Rail Ltd while doing their works and laying BT/CC road covering the inspection manholes on the main roads. It is very difficult to locate such manholes on the main roads and therefore, it is very difficult to clean the sewer lines. Its is therefore advised to all other service departments such as HMRL, GHMC, R&B departments/National Highways to give instructions/provide conditions in the  works contract not to cover such manholes in future, while re-carpeting.   

Dr.B.Janardhan Reddy, IAS, Managing Director, HMWSSB inspected the site in morning and instructed the Officials to rectify the problem immediately.