MD’s Inspection In Old City:

Sri.M.Dana Kishore, IAS, Managing Director, HMWS&SB inspected the following areas on 13.04.2016:

          i.    The Managing Director inspected the proposed work of the Laying of 300mm dia MS pipe line by tapping 1200mm dia Krishna Phase – I near Engine Bowli X Road to Vattepally Reservoir to improve water supplies and convert to alternate day water supply for the areas of Bibi Ka Chasma , Achi Reddy nagar Madina Colony part, Farooq Nagar Fatima nagar, Farooq Nagar Parda Gate, Bangladesh Galli under MRG Section Sub Division – I of O & M Division – I along the alignment of the proposed line and approved an amount of Rs.148 Lakhs. Further the MD instructed that the work should be completed with in 3 month of time after Tender process.

         ii.    The Managing Director instructed the GM to take up the work of cleaning of Vattepally reservoir ELSR immediately and further instructed to keep the linemen to reside permanently in the available room at Vattepally reservoir.

          iii.  The Managing Director further instructed to put up the proposal of providing additional Air Tech Machine in MRG Section to minimize the number of sewerage overflow complaints.

         iv.  Further the Managing Director inspected the damaged Sewer Manholes at various places in Chandulal Baradari Section  of O & M Division – I and approved an amount of Rs 1.50 lakhs and instructed to complete the work within 10 days after tender process. 

          v.  Further the Managing Director has instructed the General Manager after interacting the local public to submit the proposals for laying of water supply and sewer lines in all balanced lines to avoid lengthy connections and pollutions of water supply lines.

         vi.  The Managing Director also inspected the Aliabad reservoir and observed the residual chlorine as 2.0 PPM in the water and instructed to monitor closely the water supply and sewerage grievances during the summer and also instructed the concerned DGM & Manger to attend the water pollution complaints immediately.

Among others who were present during the inspection include Sri.G.Rameshwar Rao, Director (Operations), Sri.P.Ravi, Chief General Manager, O&M Circle- I, Sri.S.Kiran Kumar, General Manager, O&M Division–I, HMWSSB.