MD’s Inspection:

 Vigilance is being stepped up to ensure that delivery of Water Tankers reaches the right place, said Sri M.Dana Kishore,IAS, Managing Director, HMWSSB.

 The Managing Director, which inspecting the Tanker Filling Stations one at Radhika Section in Kapra and another at Uppal Section, said the vigilance wing will take the list of tankers and then randomly check the movement of tankers and enquire about whether drivers were demanding any money from customers for free trip tankers. Action will be taken against those who were found in indulging any malpractices of diverting tankers and demanding bribes.

 Managing Director personally contacted over phone some of the customers about receipt of tankers.

 Managing Director instructed the GMs (E) to send the detailed list of tankers, phone numbers of customers to Head Office daily for regular monitoring.

 The Managing Director instructed that all the tankers including GHMC tankers should have Smart Cards without which water will not be given. Further he also instructed that GPS should be installed in all the tankers for strict monitoring of the movement of water tankers.

 He also instructed to increase timings for supply of tankers from 8 AM to 6.PM to 6.AM to 9. PM to cut short waiting period for tankers and also assess the need for increasing tankers trips, if any.

 Among others, who attended the inspection include Dr.P.S.Suryanaryana, Director (Revenue), Sri M.Yellaswamy, Director (Projects-1), Sri.M.Konda Reddy, Director(Projects-2),HMWSSB.