The Executive Director reviewed the present status of the water supply to the twin cities and also the emergency pumping arrangements being made at Puttamgandi in Nagarjunasagar reservoir offshore for Krishna Drinking Water Supply Project and at Yellampally Barrage for Godavari Drinking Water Supply Project. The State Government has already sanctioned the required funds under Calamity Relief Fund for this purpose. 

The Board has started making emergency pumping arrangements at the Puttamgandi station in Nalgonda by installing 10 emergency pumping motors to draw water from the dead storage level of Nagarjunasagar. On instructions of the Executive Director to expedite the work at Puttamgandi, the Chief General Manager (E), Transmission Circle has inspected the ongoing works. It is reported that all the works are getting executed as per schedule and the entire emergency pumping arrangements for pumping of 270.00 MGD will be ready by the 30th May 2016 as scheduled.

As against the full reservoir level of 590.00 ft in Nagarjunasagar, the present level is 507.30 ft with a storage of 127 TMC and the water will be drawn from the dead storage and pumped with the newly installed 10 pumps once the level falls below 506 ft.