HMWSSB is maintaining water supply and sewerage systems of Hyderabad Metropolitan area. In the recent past the jurisdiction of expanded from 165KMs to 600KMs covering the surrounding municipalities around Hyderabad. Monitoring and addressing the service issues over such vast area requires knowledge of the existing infrastructure, availability of services being rendered and decision support system.

The Decision Support System (IT) will aid the Officers to study the behavior of customers, grievances and infrastructure issues and take appropriate decisions adopting predictive modeling for discharging their duties effectively.

Hence it is decided to implement decision support system and effectively using available Data & existing command control center at HMWSSB, Board Office. In this context, a Multinational Organization M/s Synchrony Financial came forward to take up Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to study O&M Division-V as a pilot model will analyze the data and provide parameter such as behavior of customer, infrastructure issue and grievance redress mechanism to the management for improving the organization potentialities on various operations issues in graphical as well detailed view. M/s Yuva Varadhi a nonprofit youth organization came up for providing ground level survey as well as providing 3rd party audit of various complaints received through Customer Care Center(CCC) from various channels complaint wise and area wise.      M/s Naya labs will provide interactive sessions between Managing Director and field level staff to implement the better decision making system. Accordingly discussions were held with Managing Director. The Managing Director has instructed the above agencies to study the operations and submit proposal for implementation of decision support system for HMWSSB.