Sri M. Dana Kishore, IAS, Managing Director, HMWSSB conducted a special review on the revenue at the Board office on 01-09-2022. He said the HMWSSB has decided to conduct a special drive for next two months for the collection of old dues and current bills of domestic and non-domestic Water & Sewerage Bills. Dues will be collected from those who are not eligible for the free water scheme of 20,000 liters per month provided by the government and who have not registered for the free water scheme.

For this, 200 meter readers are being temporarily appointed for two months at the rate of 5 per sub-division and also, there will be a disconnection gang for each sub-division and they will remove the connections of users who do not pay their dues.

The MD said that the government has already waived the bills of Rs.520 crores for 13 months from December 2020 to December 2021 to all household consumers and still many consumers in the city have not yet applied for the free drinking water scheme. Bills will be collected from customers who have not registered for this scheme from January this year. He said that those who do not get the free drinking water scheme (non-free water connections) are paying only Rs.7.0 crores while they are supposed to pay Rs.22 crores every month. He said that along with these bills, old dues will also be collected in a special drive.

The MD said, the consumers will be given notices to pay the dues and otherwise the connections will be removed. He said that the target is to collect 30 percent of the arrears in addition to the total collection of the current bills. This special drive is being conducted with the aim of collecting arrears of Rs.100 crore.

Sri V.L. Praveen Kumar, Director Revenue, Director Operations Ajmira Krishna, M. Swamy, CGMs, GMs, DGMs and others officials attended the meeting.