The BJP corporators attacked the HMWSSB Board office on 03-05-2023.  The various Union Associations of HMWSSB expressed their opposition to the attack of BJP corporators and raised slogans saying that the unity of the employees should not be disturbed.  While speaking to the media after the incident the union leaders addressed that the attack by the BJP corportors on HMWSSB offices is inappropriate and strongly condemn this attack. They said that 30 percent of women employees are working in the organization and they are getting scared due to such incidents.

The Union Associations  said that while cleaning the sewerages the silt  from Nalas and Manholes coming out cannot be removed from the site within 24 hours due to being wet. After the silt becomes dry, the concerned vehicle will come and remove the dry silt from the site. But bringing the same silt and dumping it in the office premises by the BJP corporators and destroying the Boards property is inappropriate. Instead, they should protest democratically and state their demands.

In the past, many people protested peacefully in front of the Board office, but what the BJP corporators did yesterday was undemocratic and is an insult to the employees and staff working in HMWSSB.

They said that 200 sewer cleaning machines and 15 hydraulic silt grabber machines are working for sewage management in HMWSSB. Besides, the safety protocol team will inspect and monitoring the areas and take appropriate action if there are any problems.

The Union Associations  submitted a petition to MD, HMWSSB to take appropriate action against those responsible for this incident and to appoint security personnel to protect the offices so that such incidents do not recur in the future.

Later, Sri M Dana Kishore, MD, HMWSSB spoke to the media and said that the incident that took place at the Board office was painful. People and public representatives irrespective of the parties should cooperate with the HMWSSB officials and staff to provide better services from HMWSSB. He said that the employees and staff are working hard to meet the basic need of drinking water supply and maintain sewerage system of Hyderabad city, even though there are bigger cities in the country, Hyderabad city has received awards and appreciation from the Center and other states in terms of drinking water supply and sewage management.  He said that the Water Board has got ISO certificate for providing safe drinking water supply to the public and many Water Board officials from other states have also been visited the HMWSSB and applauded the services of the HMWSSB.

Many projects have been undertaken in the last few years, like completion of 52 reservoirs for drinking water supply in suburban municipalities at a record level. Apart from the city, the HMWSSB is providing drinking water supply to the people of many villages through ORR Phase-1. At present, Phase-2 project has also been taken up to supply drinking water to the colonies and gated communities in ORR, which is in the final stage. More than 60 percent of the people in the GHMC area are provided free drinking water supply up to 20 thousand liters per month and asked the rest should also take advantage of it. He further clarified  that 31 new STPs are being constructed using advanced technology for 100 percent sewage treatment in the city and these will be made available soon.