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1 23-Jun-2018O&M Division.ICHANUDLAL BHARADARIrepair and replacement of damaged sluice valve chucknut on 150mm dia CI S/v and 100mm dia CI S/v beside biryani shah tekdi dargah under Chandulal Baradari section sd-1,o&m DN-17000
2 23-Jun-2018O&M Division.VISOMAJIGUDAAttending heavy water leakages on 150/100 mm dia water supply line (2 No's) at Opp. H.No.6-3-902/7/6 Surya Nagar Panjagutta under Somajiguda section O&M DIv.No.VI9800
3 23-Jun-2018O&M Division.VISOMAJIGUDARectification of Pollution on 150/100 mm dia Water Supply Line at Opp.H.No.6-3-1247/416 Raj Nagar M.S.Maktha under somajiguda section O&M Div.No.VI9900
4 23-Jun-2018O&M Division.VIITARNAKA100mm dia CI sv repair near 12-13-151/1, street no-2, Tarnaka and arresting sluice valve leakage opp. mutton shop, Tarnaka x roadand water leakage at 12-5-29/7 & 12-5-12/4/1 Vijaypuri under Tarnaka Section, Sub.Dn.III, O&M.DN.VII Images uploaded in GEO taging vide Ref-062018-1383 Ref-062018-2154, Ref-062018-215519000
5 23-Jun-2018O&M Division.VIIMETTUGUDARectification of water leakages under Mettuguda sec. SD-III19900
6 23-Jun-2018O&M Division.VIINALLAGUTTAProvied Scour point at H.No: 2-4-420 J Line Ramgopalpet with precast chamber and scour point at H.No: 1-2-177 JJ Colony Sd road Under Nallagutta section SD I, OM Div ¿ VII.17000
7 23-Jun-2018O&M Division.VIINALLAGUTTAReconstruction of damaged sewer manhole at H.NO:4-2-110 , Old Boiguda and Replacement of sewer for a length of 2 Rmt and attened and rectified pollution work at H.No: p8 JJ under Nallagutta Section SD I, OM Div VII.17000
8 23-Jun-2018O&M Division.VIITARNAKARaising of submerged manholes covers 12-13-405 (2) nos and (3) nos at H.no. 12-13-398 to 12-13-401, street no-1, , tarnaka, under Tarnaka Section, Sub.Dn.III, O&M.DN.VII Images uploaded in GEO taging vide ref-062018-1394, ref-062018 -165219500
9 23-Jun-2018O&M Division.VIIEAM(DIV7)Providing repairs and rewinding to 5HP /45 stage submersible pumpset aincl. Removal and refixing with HDPE pipes cables and replacement with New pump in place of wornout pump and other accessories at Vivekanda community hall, bansilalpet under EAM section EAM cell V32000
10 23-Jun-2018O&M Division.VIIEAM(DIV7)Providing repairs and rewinding to struckup Power borewell v4 5HP/45 stage including removing and refixing of HDPE pipe cables and replacement of new pump in place of wornout at Near Anjaiah statue Addagutta area under EAM section EAM cell V38000
11 23-Jun-2018O&M Division.VIITARNAKAReconstruction of damaged sewerage manholes at 12-13-628, 12-13-632 & 12-13-633, Nagarjuna Nagar under Tarnaka section, Sub.dn-3.48500
12 23-Jun-2018O&M Division.VIILALAPETAttendyng repairs to 150mm dia Sluice valves at H.No.12-14-455/4 Isska bavi and 12-1-669/7 Shanthi nagar under Lalapet section SD-III,O&M Dn.No.VII19000
13 23-Jun-2018O&M Division.VIIBOIGUDAArresting of heavy water supply leakages at H.No: 6-4-353/125 Mekalamandi reservoir, Opp Yellamma temple on 150 mm dia and chokage cleared on 100 mm dia at H.No:6-3-164 Jai nagar Colony Under Boiguda Section, SD-I, O&M Div VII.19500
14 23-Jun-2018O&M Division.VIIBOIGUDAConstruction of new sewer manhole at H.No:6-2-262 New Boiguda and Raising & benching of sewer manhole at H.No: 6-1-356 new bhoiguda, pillar No.26 near chakali dabba Under Boiguda Section, SD-I, O&M Div VII20000
15 23-Jun-2018O&M Division.VIIMARREDPALLYRepairs to 100/250mm dia Sluice valves at 10-3-20/3, 10-5-675/5/A, 10-5-400, 10-4-A/413 and also Inside New GLSR Addagutta 250mm sluice valve, Under Marredpally section, SD-II, O&M. Div-VII.20000
16 23-Jun-2018O&M Division.VIISRINIVAS NAGAREngaging Only 1 No of Desilting labour for removing silt in sewer manholes through manual method from 01-06-2018 to 30-06-2018, Under Srinivas Nagar Section, SD-II, O&M.Div-VII.10000
17 23-Jun-2018O&M Division.VIINALLAGUTTARaising and benching to sewer manholes at H.No: 2-5-26 Maclockguda and H.No:3-1-43, Avulamanda and H.No:3-3-4 , General Bazar and at H.NO: 2-4-140 Malani Market Ramgoplpet under Nallagutta Section, SD-I, O&M ¿ VII.17000
18 23-Jun-2018O&M Division.VIISEETHAPALMANDIRaising of damaged sewer manhole chambers at H.No: 12-10-406/40, 12-10-406/35 (2 No's) Beedal Basthi 12-10-49, 12-10-92/4 Joshi Compound, Under Seethapalmandi Section, SD-II, O&M. Div-VII.19500
19 23-Jun-2018O&M Division.VIIMARREDPALLYRectification of heavy pollution on 100mm dia DI water supply line at 10-4-A/8 to 10-4-A/48 Addagutta Main Road, Under Marredpally section, SD-II, O&M. Div-VII.19800
20 23-Jun-2018O&M Division.VIISEETHAPALMANDIRaising of damaged sluice valve chamber at Gandhi Statue Chilkalguda , 11-4-1/4/1/C Bhavani Nagar and Raising of sewerage manholes at 12-10-336/14/C Seethapalmandi, 12-10-21 Fly over Bridge SPMandi, Under Seethapalmandi Section, SD-II, O&M. Div-VII.19500
21 23-Jun-2018O&M Division.VIILALAPETAttending Leakages on 350/100mm dia CI water supply line at H.No.12-1-1024,12-1-1185,12-14-75/1,12-1-1388,12-1-711/1 North Lalaguda under Lalapet section,SD-III,O&M Dn.VII.19000
22 23-Jun-2018O&M Division.VIINALLAGUTTALaying of 200 mm dia SWG pipes from H.No: 2-3-497 to H.No: 2-3-498 at Kachi Bowli under Nallagutta SD-I O&M Div VII49000
23 23-Jun-2018O&M Division.VIIEAM(DIV7)Providing repairs and rewinding to 5 HP/35 Stage V4 submersible pump set including removal and refixing with HDPE Pipes at H.No: 12-11-550, Opposite to Govt boys primary school, L.N.nagar,warasiguda, under EAM Section,EAM-V,O&M Div- VII,Maredpally,Secunderabad.19800
24 23-Jun-2018O&M Division.VIITARNAKAConstruction of collapsed sewerage manhole opp 12-12-192/2, Pardhi Basthi, Tarnaka.Raising of manhole covers at 12-15-998 & lane no-3, Manikeswarinagar. Images uploaded in GEO taging vide Ref-062018-161718000
25 23-Jun-2018O&M Division.VIITARNAKAReplacement of damaged 150 water supply pipe at 12-13-620, Nagarjuna Nagar and raising of submerged manhgoles at e-seva line tarnaka. Images uploaded in GEO taging vide Ref-062018-211918000
26 23-Jun-2018O&M Division.VIIMETTUGUDARe construction and raising & benching of sewer man holes under Mettuguda sec. SD-III20000
27 23-Jun-2018O&M Division.VIIMETTUGUDARectification of damaged sewerlines in Mettuguda sec. SD-III18000
28 23-Jun-2018O&M Division.VIINALLAGUTTAsupply and installation of HP laser jet M 1005 MFP model Printer,Scanner and xerox machine for the sub Dn I nallagutta section O&M Dn VII19900
29 23-Jun-2018O&M Division.VIIIEAM(DIV8)Supply and Delivery of 50 Amps Capacitor fuses links for Capacitor Banks at 33/11/3.3 KV Substation at Patancheru under EAM Cell-III, Patancheru, O&M division No-VIII, Patancheru.19500
30 23-Jun-2018O&M Division.VIIIKALABGOOREngaged the Labour for cleaning light jungle around the Phase-II WTP under Kalabgoor section, SD-I, Kalabgoor, O&M division No-VIII, Patancheru.19000
31 23-Jun-2018O&M Division.XXIEAM LINGAMPALLY (DIV 21)Trees cutting and Jungle cleaning at surrounding areas of Malaysian Township pump House, Lingam pally Campus, under Electrical Sub Division, O/o General Manager(E), O&M Division-XXI, Control room,Sec'bad.19500
32 23-Jun-2018O&M Division.XXIEAM LINGAMPALLY (DIV 21)Tree cutting and Jungle cleaning at surrounding areas of Hyder nagar Campus, under Eletrical Sub Division, O/o General Manager(E), O&M Division-XXI, Control room, secunderabad19500
33 23-Jun-2018O&M Division.XXIEAM LINGAMPALLY (DIV 21)Construction of damaged side walls and civil plinths duly leveling the ground, white wash including labour charges, inside the substation area at Prashasan Nagar 11KV/415V Substation under Electrical sub Division, O/o GM ( E),O&M Division-XXI, Control room.18900
34 23-Jun-2018O&M Division.XXIEAM LINGAMPALLY (DIV 21)Repairing the 60HP HSC pump No-01 duly replacing the packing for the upper casing & lower casing and required spares to free the impeller of the Pump at Prashasan nagar under Electrical sub Division, O/o GM ( E), O&M Division-XXI, Control room.18700
  No.of Works :34Total Estimate Amount698,700.00