Water Meters Information

Obligation of the consumer about the Water meters

  1. As per Section 36 of HMWS&S Act, 1989 every owner or occupier of the premises having or seeking water supply connection from the HMWSSB, shall provide at his own cost water meter and attach the same to the service pipe.
  2. As required under Rule 26 of the Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply Rules, 1990 it is the responsibility of the consumer to ensure the seals made by the HMWSSB authorities on the meter are intact.
  3. As required under Rule 27 of the Water Supply Rules, the consumer is required to get the meter fixed, if the meter installed is found to be defunct or defective get it repaired & re-installed within the time prescribed by the competent authority duly following the procedure.
  4. Failure to fix up/get the defunct meter repaired within the prescribed time, double the normal rates shall be levied and collected, as required under Rule 28 of the above said rules.
  5. It is the responsibility of the present owner/ tenant to get the connection transferred in his name and also is responsible to get the meter fixed/repaired, including payment of the bills, as required under rule 35(2) of Water Supply Rules.
  6. In order to facilitate the consumers, the HMWS&SB has identified and empanelled 9 agencies after due process for supply of the standard meters to the consumers.
  7. The details and contact Nos. of the agencies are shown below. You can choose any agency as per your choice and to get the water meter fixed within the specified time, so as to get the monthly bill for the actual quantity of water used and to avoid payment of double charges.

Names & Contact Numbers of empanelled agencies to be contacted for supply of Water Meters

SI No.Empanelled Agency Name & AddressAuthorized person to contactWater Meter Sizes to be SuppliedWater Meter Make/ModelContact No
1. M/s Deccan Power Products, A 3-4/A Electronic Complex, Kusaiguda, ECIL Hyd Sri Seetha Rama Reddy

15mm (1/2inch )

20mm ( ¾ inch)

“B-Meters” GSD5 9849008490
2. M/s Mantech Constructions, Flat No. 501, Jubilee Residency, Navodaya Colony, Yellareddyguda, Hyd Sri P.C.Rao 15mm (1/2inch ) 20mm ( ¾ inch “Zenner”- Mino Mess ETX 9866306233
3. M/s Deeshwan Systems, No.12 Adarsh Nagar, Kalyani Nagar, PUNE. Sri S.J.Henry 15mm (1/2inch ) “Elster”-S100 8793336925
4. M/s Srirang Accord J.V, Sri KapilKariya 15mm (1/2 inch ) 20mm ( ¾ inch “Elster”-S100 09324646964
5. M/s ITRON, 716/ 78th Floor, Swarnalok Complex, Sec.bad. Sri Santosh 15mm (1/2inch ) 20mm ( ¾ inch ITRON-Unimag 9392462798
6. M/s Bharat Precision Instruments Company, 487/5 PeeraGharhi, Rohtak Road, New Delhi (Local address is, firm at Sl.No. 7 below) Sri SS Kukreja Sri GS Kukreja 15mm (1/2inch ) 20mm ( ¾ inch Infrential Type 09312273380 09990918533
7. M/s General Water Meter & Sanitary Works, 5-3-842, Malakunta Road, Goshamahal, Hyd 1. Sri Naresh Chandra 2. Sri Saleem(Represent ative)
3. Dinesh (Rep. of Bharat Precision Co)
15mm (1/2inch ) 20mm ( ¾ inch Chambel Magnetic 040- 24603591 9247840585
040- 66106008 9247369085
8. M/s Bharati Engineering Works, Flat No. 102, Plot No.1-5, TirumalaVenkatadri Towers, Opp. Classic Avenue, Miyapur, Hyd Sri Venugopal 15mm (1/2inch ) 20mm ( ¾ inch Zenner 8099921242 9848392180
9. M/s Global Water & Environmental solutions Pvt. Ltd, Plot. No. 539, VasaviIndraprasthana Apts. C.Zech Colony, Sanathnagar, Hyd Sri Chaitanya 15mm (1/2inch ) 20mm ( ¾ inch Global 9490469750