Heavy rains for the past few days have led to large-scale flood water entering the twin reservoirs of Himayat Sagar and Osman Sagar (Gandipet). On 21-07-2023 the  two gates of Himayat Sagar reservoir were lifted 2 feet height  and water was released down streams. Due to the flood water coming from the upper streams, the two gates of Osman Sagar reservoir also lifted by one feet and the water released to downstream on 26-07-2023.

 1. Himayat Sagar:

 Last year, due to heavy rains, two reservoirs got heavy flood water as a result, water from both the reservoirs was released downstream on 10th July 2022. Later, due to rainy conditions, all the gates were closed on October 26. This year two gates were raised on July 21 this year. At present 1200 cusecs of flood water continues to flow into the reservoir. Both gates are lifted by one foot and 1350 cusecs of water is released downstream.

2. Osman Sagar (Gandipet):

The gates were raised on July 10 2022 when the water level of Osman Sagar reservoir reached 1785.80 feet and released the water to down streams. This year two gates were raised on 26-07-2023. At present, 800 cusecs of flood water is coming to the reservoir.. 216 cusecs of water is released into the Musi.

As the gates of the twin reservoirs (Himayat Sagar-2, Osman Sagar-2 gates) are being lifted, about 1566 cusecs of flood water is being released into the Musi river below, Sri M. Dana Kishore, MD, HMWSSB  has directed all the concerned HMWSSB officials, Local Administrative Bodies, GHMC and Police Officials to be on high alert due to heavy floods.