As on 01.09.2018


SL. NO Administrative Unit APIO PIOs  First Appellate Authorities
1 Technical Wing Smt.R.Nirmala, Manager(Engg), Cell.No: 7337350851 Sri.S.K.Moulana Mohammed, Dy.Chief General Manager(Engg), Cell.No: 9989990568  
2 Operations Wing -I Smt.Nazeema Begam Manager (Engg), Cell. No.7331185745 Sri B.Bhageerath, Dy.Chief General Manager(Engg), Cell. No. 9989985518  
3 Operations Wing -II Sri.M.A.Kabeer, Dy.General Manager(E)/OSD (IIlPro'iects/GIS & CDC) Sri.P.Govind Goud, PIO/Dy.General Manager(E) Cell No.9989995657  
4 Project Wing - I Sri.T.Veerender, Officer (P&A) Cell.No: 9989990832 Sri.G.V.Nageswara Rao General Manager(Engg) Cell.No: 99899 86356 Sri. M.A.Khader, Chief General Manager(P&A) Board Office Cell.No:9989985084
5 Project Wing - II   Smt.S.Usha Rani PIO/General Manager(E) O/o Director (Project -II) Cell No.9989987336  
6 Director of Training & Secondary Transmission) Sri.V.Damodar Swamy Officer (P&A)/Librarian Sri.P.Anand Naik General Manager(E) Training Division Cell. 9989992042.  
7 Finance Wing Sri.L.Venkatesh Goud, Sr.Officer(F&A), Cell.No: 9949699609 Sri.A.Kedareswari General Manager (F&A), Cell.No: 7337349721  
8 P&A Wing Smt.B. Padmaja Sr.Officer (F&A) 9948508s55 Sri.M.Suresh, General Manager(P&A) - I, Cell.No: 9989999260.  
9 Estate Wing Smt.A.Anuradha, Officer (P&A), Cell.No:7032826753 Sri.M.A.Khader, Estate Officer. Cell.No: 9989985584  
10 IT Wing Sri D.Sai Krishna, Dy.General Manager(E), Cell.No: 9989989927 General Manager(fl) Cell.No:  
11 MCC/ IAL App Sri D.Sai Krishna, Dy.General Manager(E), Cell.No: 9989989927   Sri.B Mukesh, Chief General Manager (EnSS ) Board Office, Cell No:9989994165
12 Single Window Cell Sri.lvlanoj Kumar Sethi, Officer (FMi), Cell No.9849296335 Sri.R.V.S.S.S.N.Raju, General Manager (Engg), HMWSSB, Single Window Cell, Khairatabad Hyd Cell. No: 9989995524  
13 Revenue Wing Sri.'i.Uttam Singh Sr.Ctfficer(EDP) Cell No: 9989989953 Sri.M.Rajasekhar, General Manager(Rev),Revenue Winq, Cell.No: 9989994743 Sri.M.Swamy, Chief General Manager (Engg), Revenue wing of Board Office, Khairatabad. Hyderabad Cell.No: 99899 85817
14 UFW Division Rakesh, Assistant (F&A) Sri.D.Sudershan, General Manager(E), UFW Division, Khairatabad, Hyd, Cell No.9989995594  
15 O&M Division No-I Sri.n4ohd Zahoor, Sr.Officer (F&A), CelllNo:99892 80875 Sri.Md.Khader Mohiuddin, The Public Information Officer, PIO/General Manager (Engg) FAC, O&M Division-I, Goshamahal, Hvd. Cell No.9989991868. Sri.P.Ravi, Chief General Manager (Engg) O&M Circle-I, Pratapbagh, Goshamahal, Hyderabad. Cell. No:9949740111
16 O&M Division No -II Sri.G.Vinod Kumar, Sr.Cfficer (F&A) Srl.P.Nagender Kumar, General Manager (Engg) O&M Divn-II, Riyasath nagar Reservoir Premises, Hyd Cell. No: 9989989507  
17 O&M Division No -X Sri,V.Suresh Reddy, Officer (F&A) Sri.P.V.R.K.Prasad, General Manager (Engg) (OHOP) O&M Divn-X, Sahebnagar, Hyd., Cell.No: 9989989363  
18 O&M Division No -VI Sri.Ashok, Sr.Officer (FM), Cell. No: 9989904759 Sri.M.Prabhu, General Manager (Engg), O&M Divn-VI, S,R.Nagar, Cell.No: 9989993853 Sri:K.Vijaya Rao Chief General Manager (Engg) O&M Circle-II, S.R.Nagar, Hyd-12. Cell No: 9989990166
19 O&M Division No - WI Sri.J.Gopal Rao, Sr.Officer (F&A), Cell.No: 9989997531. Sri.S. Rajashekar, General Manager (Engg) (OHOP) O&M Divn-VII, Mareddpally, Cell. No: 9989989535  
20 O&M Division No -IX Smt.P.Rama Laxmi Sr.Officer (F&A), Sri.K.Venugopal, General Manager(Engg), (OHOP) O&M Divn-IX, KPHB Colony, Cell. No: 9989989659  
21 O&M Division No - ilI Sri C.Srinivas Rao, Sr. Officer (F&A), Ce|1.No.7032116637 Sri.V.Vinod Bhargava, GM(E),O&M Divn-III, Navodaya Colony, Gudimalkapur, Hyd., Cell. No: 9989987408  
22 O&M Division No - N, Sri.Sameer Mahajan, Sr Officer (F&A), 8977308592 Sri.S.V.Ramana Rao, General Manager (Engg), O&M Divn-IV, Red Hills, Hyd. Cell No:9989996010 Sri.A,Suresh Babu, Chief General Manager (E), O&M Circle-III, Goshamahal,Hyderabad. Cell.No: 9908864777
23 O&M Division No -V Smt.Vuaya Radhika Sr.Officer (F&A) Cell.No:9963912025 Sri.G.Damodar Reddy, General Manager (Engg), (OHOP) O&M Divn-V, Narayanguda, Hyd., Cell. No: 9989998896  
24 Central Stores Divn Sri. K. N. Muralidhar Rao, office(FM), Sri.G.Ravinder Reddy, General Manager(E) Central Stores Division Cell.No: 87904 28026  
25 O&M Divlsion No - XII Sri. B.Anjaneyulu Sr.Officer (F&A) Sri.G.Raghu, General Manager(En99), O&M Divn-XII, Chintal, IDPL, Jagadgirigutta, Cell. No:9989996010  
26 O&M Division No - XV Sri.K.Satyanarayana Sr.Office(F&A) Sri.M.Raja Sekhar Reddy PIO/General Manager(Engg) O&M Divn-XV, Chanda Nagar, Cell. No: 99899 98234 Sri.M.B.Praveen Kumar, Chief General Manager (E), O&M C-IV, S.R.Nagar, Hyd. Cell No:9989986006
27 O&M Division No - XVI Sri.Md.Gulam Azher Siddiqui Officer (F&A) Sri.A.Prabhakar Rao, General Manage(Engg) O&M Divn-)0/I, Rajendranagar. Cell.No: 9989991064  
28 O&M Division No - XIII Sri.P.Shravan Kumar, Sr.Cfficer (F&A) Sri.M.Sridhar Reddy, General Manage(Engg) O&M Divn-XIII, Sainikpuri Cell.No: 99899 96177  
29 O&M Division No - XN   Sri.S.Kiran Kumar, General Manager (En99), O&M Divn-XIV, Nacharam, Uppal. Cell No:9949138666  
30 O&M Divislon No -XI Sri.l.i.Sakka Shekhar Sr.Officer (F&A), Cell.No: 9989918438 Sri.T.Darshath Reddy, General Manager (Engg) O&M Dn-XI, Saheb Nagar, Cell No:99899 93379 Sri.R.B.Anil Kumar, Chief General Manager (E), FAC O&M C-V, Sainlkpuri, Hyd. Cell No: 9989985464
31 O&M Division No - XVII Sri,A.Rajeshwar Rao Sr.Officer(F&A), Cell. No: 7331102151 Smt.M.Sujatha, General Manager (Engg), O&M Divn-XWI, Bhojagutta, Hyderabad, Ce11.9989985342  
32 O&M Division No - XVIII Sri.Manoj Kumar, Offrcer (F&A), Sri T.Naveen Reddy, General Manager(E), O&M Dn-XVIII, Manikonda, Cell No.9989996577 Sri.P.Ravl Kumar Chief General Manage(ORR) Ce11.No.9989995779
33 O&M Division No - XU SriM.Biksham Bai, Officer (P&A) Sri A.S.Sunil Kumar, General Manage(E) (OHOP), O&M Dn-XIX, Boduppal, Cell No.9989992042  
34 O&M Division No - XX Sri.N,Balakishan Rao, Manager (En99), Cell.No. 9989987823 Smt.S.Padmaja, General Manager(E), O&M Dn-)C(, Sahebnagar, Cell No-9989997298.  
35 O&M Division No - XXI Sri.M.Kula Sekhar, Asst (P&A) Sri M.Br'rjesh, General Manager(E), O&M Dn-)XI, Godavari Division. Cell No-9989989679  
36 QAT Divn Sri.Saleem Officer (F&A) Sri.J.Sunil Kumar, General Manager (QAT), QAT, Asifnagar Filter beds, Hyd Cell.No:9989986093  
37 Project Divn-III, Sri.M.Narsimha Reddy, Officer (F&A) Sri.P.Srinivas Reddy, General Manager (EnggXOHOP) Project Divn-III, D.D.Colony, Cell. No: 99899 95440  
38 Proj. Divn-VI Sri.Venkatesham, Technical Officer Sri.V,Satyanarayana, General Manager (Engg), Project Divn-VI,S.R. Nagar, Hyd Cell. No: 9989999753 Sri,V.L.Praveen Kumar,, Chief General Manage(E), PCC-I, Khairatabad, Hyd Cell I9o: 9989998110
39 Project Dlvn-IV Sri.S.Devamani Sr.Officer (F&A) Sri,M.Amarender Reddy, General Manager (Engg) (OHOP) Project Divn-IV, Goshamahal, Hyd Cell. No: 9989994249  
40 Project Dn -II, Sri.M.Natraj, Sr.Officer (F&A) Sri. P.Rajender, General Manager (Engg), Project Dn -II,Red Hills, Hyd Cell. No: 9989993851 Sri.D.Sridhar Babu Chief General Manager(E), PCC-II, S.R.Nagar, Hyderabad. Cell. No: 9908639888
41 Proj. Divn-V, Sri.M.Sakka Shekhar Sr.office(F&A) Cell. No.9989918438 Sri. B.Shivraj, General Manager (Engg), PD-V, Sahebnagar, Hyderabad. Cell. No: 9908230111  
42 Sewerage Treatment Plant Division No-I, Amberpet Srl A.Narahari, Dy.General Manager(E) Cell No.9949989853 Sri.P.K.Ram Reddy, General Manager(E), Trunk Sewer mains Division, Amberpet, Cell.No: 9989992676  
43 Sewerage Treatment Plant Division No-II, Durqam Cheruvu S.Vishnu Prasad, Dy.General Manager (Engg), Cell.No: 9989988078 Sri.C.Bheem Rao, General Manager(E), STP Dn{I, Durgam cheruvu, Cell No.9989998217. Sir. B.Mukesh Chief General Manage(Egg.)/All STPs Cell No.9989994165
44 Sewerage Treatment Plant Division No III Sri.J.Murali Manohar, Dy.General Manager (E), Cet, No.9989995341 Sri.M.L.Prasanna Kumar, General Manager (E), STP -III, Cell No.9989998362  
45 Electrical Divn., Sri.A. Ramakrishna, Dy.General Manager (E) .Cell.No:9989989852 Sri.Y.Bhujanga Rao, General Manager (E), Electrical Divn., S.R.Nagar, Hyd Cell. No: 9989988980  
46 Proj.Divn.VIII Sri.Mohd Ghouse, Asst. (P&A), Sri.B.Narayana, General Manage(E), Proj.Divn.VIII, S.R.Nagar, Cell.No: 99899 88615  
47 Project Divin-I, Snirt.S. Lalithakala Officer (F&A), Sri.T.V.Sridhar, General Manager (8; PD-I, Narayanguda Cell No:9989988875 Sri.P.Venkateshwar Rao, Chief General Manager (E) FAC PCC-III, Khairatabad., Hyderabad Cell No: 9989995310
48 Poect Divin-IX SirS.Subrahmanyam PIC/Dy.General Manage(E) Khairatabad, Cell No.9989991213 Sri.B.Mahesh Kumar, PIO/General Manager(E),FAC Project Division No-IX, Shamirpet, Cell No.9989994221  
49 Project Division NoVII   Sri.B.Mahesh Kumar General Manager(E) Project Division No-WI, D.D.Colony, Adikmet Ce11.No.9989994221  
50 Quality Control & Vigilance Division Sri.B.Narsing Rao, Sr.Grade Asst (P&A) Sri K.Rajasekhar Reddy, General Manager(E) , Quality Control & Vigilance Divn, Goshamahal Cell.No: 9989985885 Sri.B Mukesh, Chlef General Manage(E) Quality Control & Vigil. Circle, Cell No: 9989994165
51 O&M Circle - I Sri.B.Srinivas, Sr.Grade Asst (P&A) Smt.J.Krishna Kumari, Dy.Chief General Manager (Engg) O&M Circle-I, Pratapbagh, Goshamahal, Hyderabad. Cell. No:9989997879  Sri.P.Ravi. Chief General Manager (Engg) O&M Clrcle-I, Pratapbagh, Goshamahal, Hyderabad. Cell. ltlo:9949740111
52 O&M Circle - II Sri.N.Venu Gopal Sr.Officer (P&A) Smt.G,Chandrakala, Dy Chief General Manage(E) O&M Circle - II, S.R.Nagar. Cell. No: 9989999391  Sri.K.VUay Rao, .Chief General Manager (Engg) O&M Circle-Il. S.R.Nagar, Hyd. Cell No: 9989990166
53 O&M Circle - III Smt. P.Bhagya Rekha, Sr.Officer (P&A) Sri.S.Hari Shankar, Dy.Chief General Manager (En99) O&M Circle-III, Goshamahal, Cell. No:8790729993. Sri.A.Suresh Babu, Chief General Manager (Engg) O&M Circle{Il, Goshamahal, Cell. No:99088647777
54 O&M Circle - IV Sri.N.Venu Gopal I/c, Sr.Officer (P&A) Sri.Ch.Shyam Sunder Naik,, Dy.Chief General Manager (E) O&M Circle IV. SR Nagar Cell.No: 9989999425  Sri M.B.Praveen Kumar, Chief General Manager (E) O&M Circle IV, SR Nagar Cell.l!lo: 99899 86006
55 O&M Circle - V Smt.D.Sujatha, Officer (F&A) Sri.J.Sreenu Naik, Dy.General Manager (Engg), O&M Circle -V, Sainikpuri, Hyd Cell.No: 9989991518  Sri.R.B.Anil Kumar Chief General Manage(E) O&M Circle - V, Ce11.i.io.9989985464
56 Transmission circle Sri.K.Mallesha, officer(P&A) Sri.D.V.Rama Krishna Dy.Chief General Manager(E) Transmission circle Cell.No:9989989030  Sri.D,Sudershan Chief General Manager (E) FAC Transmisslon Circle, Cell. No: 9989995594
57 Project Construction Circle - I Smt.R.Sushma, M:nager (E) Cell.No: 9St89997220 Smt.M.Sharadha, Dy. Chief General Manage(E), PCC-I, Khairatabad, Hyd Cell No: 9989997720 Sri.V.L.Praveen Kumar, Chief General Manage(E), PCC-I, Khairatabad. Hyd Cell No: 9989998110
58 Project Construction Circle - II Sri'i.T. Ramchandran, Sr.Officer (P&A) Smt.S.Usha Rani, Dy.Chief General Manage(E), PCC{I, Khairatabad, Hyd Cell No: 9989987336  Sri.D.Sridhar Babu Chief General Manager (E) PCC-II, Khairatabad, Hyderabad. Cell. No: 9908639888
59 Project Construction Circle - III Snt.M.Sadhana Reddy,Manager (E),Ceil.No: 7331113498 Smt.Nirupama shanker Dy.General Manager(Engg),PCCIII, Khairatabad, Hyd Cell No: 9989997079 Sri.P.Venkateshwar Rao,Chief General Manager (E) FAC PCC-III, Khairatabad., Hyderabad Cell No: 9989995310


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