MEET UR MD & DIAL UR MD, HMWSSB” Programmes which were to be held on every 1st Saturday(i.e, Tomorrow) are Postponed. Next date will be intimated.

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HMWSSB LAUNCHED VDS 2019 ON 22.11.2019

HMWSSB has declared, in congruence to the permission accorded by the Govt, that it would implement Voluntary Disclosure Scheme (VDS) for regularisation of Illegal water supply and sewerage connections, for a period of 90 days ie from 22.11.2019 to 21.02.2020. Consumers possessing illegal connections can submit their applications through online website, to regularize their illegal connections by paying normal connection charges along with one month demand as penalty- moratorium.     

Illegal connections caught beyond the above moratorium period shall be required to pay Two times connection charges, plus three years of consumption charges in addition to service charges of Rs.300/-, failing which criminal charges to be pressed against the delinquent.

Hence all the consumers possessing illegal connections are encouraged to avail this opportunity and regularise their connections, to avoid higher penal charges and legal repercussions.


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The Water Leadership and Conservation Alliance (WaLC) in collaboration with HMWS&SB

HMWSSB invites you to join the #WorldEarthDay celebrations & launch of Water Leadership & Conservation (WaLC) alliance, a movement to reduce water wastage & to conserve water, on 22.04.2019 from 6:30 am.

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The “Revenue Adalath” will be held in HMWSSB Khiratabad Board office on Friday the 18 May 2018 from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Consumers having billing disputes and any other grievances related to revenue matters may attend the “Revenue Adalath” to get quick redressal. The “Revenue Adalath” will be chaired by Director (Revenue).

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Sri. M.Dana Kishore, Managing Director, HMWSSB reviewed about water supply during Ramzan period in particular and water supply position during this Summer in general and also reviewed about sewerage issues here on 5th May 2018 at Board Office, Khairatabad with O&M Wing Officers. He instructed the General Manages(Engg.) to ensure that sufficient pressure, adequate water supply maintained to all the mosques and if necessary provide payment tankers to them daily Ramzan Period. He also instructed the Managers(Engg.) to personally inspect the mosques under their jurisdiction and ensure proper water supply. He also instructed them to ensure that there were no sewer overflows near the mosques. He said that Hon’ble Chief Minister may visit major mosques in this month end. As regards sewerage issues the Managing Director reiterated that that status of all the deep manholes/manholes should be verified by 15th of this month and safety grills be fixed by the month end. Similarly the damaged manhole covers should be replaced by month end. No sewerage worker should be allowed to enter manhole instead use the available machinery, he said. Necessary barricading and caution Boards should be put up while attending to any sewerage complaint, he added. More focus should be made at the identified deep manholes, water logging points, he said. Regarding replacement of old water supply connections under HUDCO Project, 60 connections should be done by each contractor weekly and ensure that all the connections were given by month end, he said. If any lapse serious action would be taken. Among others were present in the meeting include Sri.Azmeera Krishna, Director, (Operations-1), Sri.P.Ravi, Director(Operations-2), Chief General Managers (Engg.), General Managers(Engg.), Managers(Engg.),O&M Wing, HMWSSB.

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Sri. M.Dana Kishore, Managing Director, HMWSSB chaired the convergence meeting of all civic departments here on Saturday the 5th May, 2018 at Board Office, Khairatabad, Hyderabad. He discussed various issues pertaining to HMWSSB, GHMC, HMDA, Traffic Police, electricity etc,. The chairperson said wherever any civic work/drainage work is taken up, the debris should be removed immediately. Now that the monsoon was coming, all the identified water logging points both GHMC and HMWSSB should be vigilant and during monsoon daily monitoring should be done, he said. The ERT(Emergency Response Team) should be alert 24/7 to attend any rain related problem immediately. The deep manhole more than 6 feet should be fixed with safety grill by month end, he added. He said Rs.4 Crore has been sanctioned for diverting sewerage lines joining Nalas. He also instructed officials of HMWSSB and GHMC to carry out joint inspections to check the quality of CC roads restoration under HUDCO Project and submit report. If necessary the agencies who did this work would be instructed to re-verify and re-lay quality roads. Among others were present in the meeting include Ms.Barathi Holikeri I/c Commissioner, GHMC, Sri.Anil Kumar, IPS, Addl.Commissioner of Police(Traffic), Hyderabad, Sri.M.Satyanarayana, Executive Director, HMWSSB.

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Due to today’s (i.e on 03.05.2018) heavy wind and rain there is an interruption in power supply at all pumping stations located at water supply sources of Manjeera, Krishna- Ph-I, II & III and Godavari.

Due to this power interruption there will be delayed or short supplies of water during tomorrow (i.e Friday 4th may 2018) and the supplies will be stabilized on 05.05.2018.

HMWSSB request the consumers to use water conservatively to avoid inconvenience.

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The Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board has been awarded HUDCO Award for the Outstanding Contribution in the Urban Infrastructure, through various innovative initiatives. Sri.M.Dana Kishore, IAS, Managing Director, HMWSSB was presented the Award by Sri.Hardeep S Puri, Hol’Ble Union Minister(Housing & Urban Affairs) along with Sri.Durga Shanker Mishra, IAS, Secretary to GoI, (Housing & Urban Affairs) and Dr.M.Ravi Kanth, IAS, CMD, HUDCO during HUDCO’s 48th Foundation Day Celebrations held on 25th April, 2018 in Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Center, Lodhi Road, New Delhi.

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Sri.M.Dana Kishore, IAS, Managing Director, HMWSSB announced that 16 villages under ORR would get drinking water supply through taps in the first installment from 5th March, 2018. He said this at a review meeting on the status of progress of ORR Project being taken up at the behest of Hon’ble Chief Minister, Sri. K.Chandra Shekar Rao Garu. The Villages are: Mammarajguda, Mariyapuram, Wadiguda, Sunrise Colony, Hakimpet, Singaipally, Antaipally, Upperpally, Indira Nagar WHSC, Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, Bachupally, Pocharam, Nekhnampur, Annojiguda, Alijapur and Godumakunta. The Managing Director said the ORR Project comprises providing water supply to 183 villages and 7 municipalities by October 2018 at an estimated cost of Rs.628 Crores. The Managing Director directed the Project officers and the implementing agency to complete the works as per timelines taking all necessary safeguards. Among others who attended the meeting include Sri.M.Satyanarayana, Executive Director, Sri.D.Sridhar Babu, Director(Projects-2), Sri.P.Ravi,Director (Operations-2), CGMs(Engg.), GMs(Engg.), ORR Projects Wing.

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Sri.M.Dana Kishore, IAS, Managing Director, HMWSSB held a review meeting among other issues on Summer Action Plan, status of Tanker Free Basthis etc., here on Friday the 16th February 2018 at Board Office. He directed the Directors(OperationsI&II) to submit details of Summer Action Plan within one week. On Tanker Free Basthis, he said all such identified Basthis, work should be completed before March end 2018 and women folk should proudly say “Na Intiki Nalla Neeru Na Hakku”(Water Supply Connection Is My Right To My Home). He said he would inspect this Basthis and every Director should follow suit in this programme. He also directed the concerned to expedite the modalities for the public grievances ISO Certification. Among others who attended the meeting include Sri.M.Satyanarayana, Executive Director, Dr.P.S.Suryanarayana, Director (Technical), Sri.M.Yellaswamy, Director (Projects-1), Sri.D.Sridhar Babu, Director(Projects-2), Sri.Azmeera Krishna, Director (Operations-1), Sri.B.Vasudeva Naidu, Director(Finance), Sri.B.Vijay Kumar Reddy, (Revenue), Sri.P.Ravi, Director (Operations-2), HMWSSB.

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A 2K Walkathon on propagation of constructing Rain Water Harvesting Structures and bringing awareness about Jalam-Jeevam programme was organized by HMWSSB here at Jubilee Hills from KBR Park to Jubilee Hills Check Post on Friday the 16th February 2018. The Walkathon was flagged off by Sri. C. Ramachandra Reddy garu, Hon’ble MLA, Khairatabad constituency in the presence of Sri. M. Dana Kishore, IAS, Managing Director, HMWSSB. Speaking on the occasion, Hon’ble MLA announced donation of Rs. 25.00 Lakhs towards propagation of Jalam-Jeevam programme. He said there was dire need to take up this programme on massive scale and improve ground water table. Sri. M. Dana Kishore, IAS, said HMWSSB had taken up the programme of JALAM-JEEVAM in order to create awareness among the general public that water was most precious natural resource and the importance of water to our survival in view of its limited supply and educate them for the harvesting of rain water by providing the Rain Water Harvesting pits, so that the rainwater would recharge the table of ground water and the availability of ground water was increased and dependence on drinking water for other needs reduced. Among others from HMWSSB side who attended the programme include Sri M.Satyanarayana. Executive Director, Dr.P.S.Suryanarayana, Director (Technical), Sri.D.Sridhar Babu, Director(Projects-2), Sri.Azmeera Krishna, Director (Operations-1), Sri.B.Vijay Kumar Reddy, (Revenue), Sri.P.Ravi, Director (Operations-2), CGMs and GMs, apart from Ms. M. Kavitha Reddy, Venkateshwara Colony Division Corporator, GHMC, and large number of general public.

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H.W.Mayor, GHMC Bonthu Ram Mohan observed that Jalam Jeevam programme meant to recharge ground water should be taken seriously to improve ground water table in and around GHMC to reduce the burden on drinking water. Instead of arresting the rain water within these areas, it was being drained down to rivers and from there, drinking water was being brought by pumping at huge cost to the city. He said this during a meeting on Jalam-Jeevam at Metro Water Board Office, Khairatabad on Friday the 2nd February 2018. He recounted that once Hyderabad was a city of lakes and there was sufficient ground water available. Presently the scene is entirely different. Even in bore wells water once used to be available within 150 to 200 feet, but has gone down to 1000-1500 feet. Hence there was every reason to propagate and construct huge number of rain water structures to arrest rain water and recharge ground water for future generations and avoid water problems. Sri.M.Dana Kishore, IAS, Managing Director, HMWSSB speaking on the occasion said that it was for the first time, the Board was taking up a novel scheme of arranging bank loan for construction of Rain Water Harvesting Structures to the customers of Board. He explained the Board’s regular payers of water bill and interested to take up RWH structure, suitable loan amount would be arranged from Bank and Board would collect the loan amount from the customer and pay back to the Bank. The interest on the loan would be borne by the Board. He requested the Bankers to take up atleast two RWH structures in their vicinity under community responsibility. The Managing Director informed that the Board’s officials had donated one-day salary towards RWH fund. Similarly, the Board started an Account in the Bank for raising public donations for propagation of RWH within ORR limits. The Board’s Engineers’ Association had donated Rs.1.00 Lakh to this fund. There was every need for undertaking wide publicity about the benefits of RWH. NGOs, School, College students, audio-video cassettes, pamphlets, stickers, etc., would be used in this task, he added. On the occasion, H.W.Mayor, GHMC launched a mobile App for monitoring the progress of RWH Structures, released Posters, audio-video Cassettes, stickers and also flagged off autos with public address system and stickers. Similarly, water tankers pasted with water proof stickers on Jalam-Jeevam were also flagged as part of publicity campaign. Sri.Chiranjeevulu, Commissioner, HMDA, Ms.Yogitha Rana, IAS, District Collector, Hyderabad, Sri.NVS.Reddy, Managing Director, HMRL, Senior officials of GHMC, HMWSSB, CDMA, TSIIC, Cantonment Board, Education Department, representatives of Banks, NGOs JNTU etc., were present.

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The Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply & Sewerage Board (HMWSSB) has celebrated the 69th Indian Republic Day here on Friday the 26th January 2018 with zeal and nationalistic fervour. Dr.M.Dana Kishore, IAS, Managing Director, HMWSSB unfurled the National Tricolour at Head Office of Metro Water Board, Khairatabad amidst huge gathering of Officers, Staff members and union representatives. Patriotic songs were rendered on the occasion. After hoisting the flag, the Managing Director in a tete-a-tete with the Officers, reiterated the need to rededicate everybody in the service of the nation and also to realise the objectives of the Board. He stressed the need to be more accountable to public and also requested public to cooperate with the Board for rendering better service. He referred to make O&M section-wise ISO certified. Compared to other water Boards in the country, the HMWSSB water is consumed preferably. The construction of the 10TMC reservoir at Keshapuram was a challenging task. He hoped the project would be taken up and would be another cap to the Board similar to HUDCO & ORR Projects. There was a need to reduce NRW. The Board was taking steps in this regard, he said. Similarly, the sewerage cleaning capacity was being increased by increasing the number of STPs, he added. Among others who attended the function include Sri M.Satyanarayana. Executive Director, Dr.P.S.Suryanarayana, Director (Technical), Sri.D.Sridhar Babu, Director(Projects-2), Sri.Azmeera Krishna, Director (Operations-1), Sri.B.Vijay Kumar Reddy, (Revenue), Sri.B.Vasudeva Naidu, Director(Finance), Sri.P.Ravi, Director (Operations-2), CGMs and GMs, HMWSSB, Similarly, in all Divisions, Sub-divisions and Section offices of the HMWSSB celebrated the Republic Day. Later, a friendly Cricket Match between MD’s-XI V/s ED’s-XI was conducted at Board’s Cricket Stadium, Amberpet.

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Sri.M.Dana Kishore, IAS, Managing Director, HMWSSB inspected the near completion works under the World Bank Aided Malkajgiri Water Supply Improvement Scheme on Monday the 22nd January, 2018. He inspected the reservoirs at Gautham Nagar,Tirumalnagar, Moula Ali, Defence Colony. He also inspected the tunneling works mains near Vajpayeenagar reservoir, out-let mains of Tirumalnagar reservoir which was built on hillock. The Managing Director personally inspected the complaint received during ‘Meet UR MD’ programme and interacted with the customer in Moula Ali who complained about low water problem. The Managing Director assured that soon after commissioning of the Tirumalnagar reservoir/completion of tunneling works in Vajpayeenagar, the customers in this area would get alternate day water supply on par with core city. He inspected the precautionary measures being taken on the road side. The Managing director directed the project officers to submit details about raod restoration works Board-Wise, GHMC-Wise. Among others who accompanied the Managing Director during the inspection include Sri.P.Ravi, Director(Operations-2), Sri.P. Venkateshwar Rao, CGM(Engg.), PCC-III, Sri.M.B.Praveen Kumar, CGM(Engg.), O&M Circle-IV&V, HMWSSB.

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Sri M. Dana Kishore, IAS, Managing Director, HMWSSB inspected some of the works under the Rs. 628 crore ORR Project in Patancheru Mandal on Friday the 19th January, 2018. He inspected the proposed site for construction of 3ML reservoir at Beeramguda and reservoirs under construction at Ilapuram Thanda, Kishtareddy Peta, Gundi gudem villages. The Managing Director instructed the Project officers and the implementing agency to expedite the execution of ORR Project works to provide water supply within timelines. Necessary precautionary measures should be adhered at work sites to avoid any mishaps. The Managing Director also inspected the on-going 1800mm dia Ring Main work between Ghanpur and Patancheru. Sri.D.Sridhar Babu, Director(Projects-2), HMWSSB accompanied the Managing Director during inspection

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Sri.M.Dana Kishore, IAS, Managing Director, HMWSSB released the 2018 Diary & Table Calendar of Hyderabad Jalamandali Engineers Association of Telangana on 11.01.2018. Among others who attended the function include Sri. M. Satyanarayana, Executive Director, Sri.D.Sridhar Babu, Director (Project-2), Sri.B.Vijay Kumar Reddy, Director(Revenue), Sri.M.B.Praveen Kumar, President Hyderabad Jalamandali Engineers Association of Telangana.

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Sri.K.Taraka Rama Rao Garu, Hon’ble Minister for Municipal Administration & Urban Development, IT complimented the Managing Director, HMWSSB Sri.M.Dana Kishore, IAS and his team for record completion of Rs.1900 Crore HUDCO Aided Water Supply Improvement & Distribution Project. He was speaking after inaugurating seven reservoirs under HUDCO Project at Sahebnagar, near B.N.Reddy Colony on Friday the 5th January 2018. He also said the Baord had taken up water supply improvement in all the Municipal Circles around Hyderabad including world Bank Aided Malkajgiri Project. The Hon’ble Minister, further said the HMWSSB had been given the responsibility of providing water supply in all the villages and Panchayats within ORR. Now that the water supply problem was resolved in and around Hyderabad, there was need to improve underground drainage system. He directed the Managing Director of HMWSSB to get DPRs ready as soon as possible so that drainage works could be started by next year. Sri.R.Krishnaiah, Hon’ble, MLA, L.B.Nagar Constituency, Sri.T.Krishna Reddy, Hon’ble MLA, Maheshwaram, Sri.Malla Reddy, Hon’ble MP, Malkajgiri Constiuency, Sri.P.Mahender Reddy, Hon’ble Minister for Transoport, GovTS also spoke on the occasion. H.W.Bontu Rammohan, Mayor, GHMC, presided over the function. Sri.Dana Kishore, IAS, Managing Director, HMWSSB who delivered welcome address dwelt briefly on the HUDCO Project and its benefits to the existing and newly benefited one lakh consumers. Sri. Baba Fasiuddin, Dy.Mayor, GHMC proposed a vote of thanks. Among others who were present include Sri.M.Satyanarayana, Executive Director, Dr.P.S.Suryanarayana, Director(Technical), Sri.M.Yellaswamy, Director(Projects-1), Sri.D.Sridhar Babu, Director(Projects-2), Director(Finance),CGMs(Engg.), HMWSSB.

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