Sri C. Sudharsan Reddy, IAS, Managing Director, HMWSSB along with P. Ravi Kumar, Director Projects-2 / Technical, T.V. Sridhar, CGM and officials inspected the ongoing construction of Reservoirs under ORR Phase - 2 in Rajendra Nagar Constituency at Kismatpur, Manchirevula, Bhairagi Guda, Gandham Guda, Brindavan Colony, Errakunta Abhyudaya Nagar and Gandipet which are in the final stage on 02-02-2024. The MD, instructed the concerned officials and agencies to complete the works as soon as possible and make them fully available by this summer.


The MD inquired about the inlet and outlet of the reservoirs, details of distribution lines and areas benefited by new reservoirs and  instructed to speed up the works by completing the remaining distribution lines and other works by this summer. He also instructed to erect signboards with details of the reservoir on the newly constructed reservoirs as well as all the existing reservoirs and also to write slogans on the reservoirs about ways to save water and prevent wastage.

Later visited Osmansagar Reservoir and inspected the gates of the reservoir,  inquired about the details of the water level of the reservoir and also visited the sub division office and examined the log book of the water levels of date back to 1920 from the time of construction of the reservoir and  was surprised to see this book with a hundred years of history.

ORR project Details:

The government has taken up the ORR project to provide sufficient drinking water to the municipalities, corporations, gram panchayats, gated communities and colonies within the outer ring road beyond GHMC under the jurisdiction of HMWSSB. The ORR Phase - 2 project undertaken at a total cost of Rs.1200 crores for construction of , 73 new service reservoirs (capacity of 138 million liters) and a new pipe line network of 2988 kilometers are being constructed. If this project is completed a total of 3.6 lakh families and 25 lakh population will benefitted.