S.NoName of the WorkEstimateO&M CircleO&M DivisionDateStatus
1 Arresting heavy leakage on 1200mm dia PSC main opposite to Electrical Sub-station on HB Colony main road 0.53 Circle-4 Division-11 23-Jul-08 Progress
2 Laying of 200mm dia MS pipeline from Air Vent on 1200mm dia PSC to MH of 3.0 MG GLSR 1.45 Circle-4 Division-11 18-Jul-08 Progress
3 Arresting of heavy leakages on 1200mm dia PSC Trunk Main of Krishna Water Supply at Gayathri Nagar / Moulali at H. No: 41-147 1.20 Circle-4 Division-11 18-Jul-08 Progress
4 Construction of Office Building in Sainikpuri GLSR Premises 9.00 Circle-4 Division-11 03-May-08 Tender Process
5 Supply, Delivery and Fixing of ISO Water Meter 250mm dia near Defense Colony of Malakjgiri Circle, GHMC 0.96 Circle-4 Division-11 13-May-08 Tender Process
6 Supply, Delivery and Fixing of ISO Water Meter 250mm dia near Gayatri Nagar and Defense Colony in Malkajgiri Circle, GHMC 1.92 Circle-4 Division-11 12-May-08 Tender Process
7 Laying of 300mm dia DI K7 Class pipes for providing Water Supply to BITS Pillani, Hyderabad Campus, RR District (tapping from 450mm dia MS line of Sainikpuri to Ahmedguda Rajiv Gruhakalpa at CRPF Junction) 138.00 Circle-4 Division-11 16-Apr-08 Tender Process
8 Providing Supply and Fixing of 400mm dia Water Meter, Strainer with MS Specials and Construction of RCC Chamber on 800mm dia MS pipeline passing Moulali to Singapur City, near Moulali Reservoir Campus 9.90 Circle-4 Division-11 25-Apr-08 Tender Process
9 Arresting heavy leakage on 1000mm dia PSC main in front of Sainath Furnitures, H. No: 17-16-2, New Hema Nagar, Uppal 1.45 Circle-4 Division-11 25-Apr-08 Tender Process