Godavari Drinking Water Supply Project Phase-I

The Main Project cost is Rs.3375 Crores. GO No.679, dated: 26.9.2008. Ring Main Project Cost Rs.350 Crores. Total Project Cost Rs.3725 Crores (Rs.3375 Cr. + Rs.350 Cr.) Tenders called for in April’2008. Works awarded in Nov’2008.

Project funding is HUDCO Loan of Rs.2000 Crores and balance amount is from State Government budget.

The works are taken up in 3 packages on EPC. Contract value Rs.2861 Crores.

Project works are in brisk progress and status is as below.

Pipeline packages – 3 Packages Out of 186.62 Km, about 184.22 Km has been laid, balance 2.41 Km in progress.
Intake Channel well cum pump house(at Murmur) Phase-I - 10 TMC, Phase-II – 10 TMC Channel work complete, sump completed Pump house roof in progress.Pumps & motors to be erected.Sub-station completed.
Intermediate Reservoir & Pump House(at Bommakal) Reservoir work almost completed.Pump House roof slab in progress.Pumps & motors under erection.Sub-station completed.
WTP, Reservoir, Pump House(at Mallaram) 80% units nearing completion for 85 Mgd Reservoir work almost completed.Pump House completed Pumps & motors under erection.Sub-station completed.
Intermediate Reservoir & Pump House(at Kondapaka) Reservoir work completed.Pump House completed.Pumps & motors under erection.Sub-station completed.
Master Balancing Reservoir(at Ghanpur) Small reservoir nearing completion Main reservoir work in progress.
Ring Mains from MBR Ring Main-1 – Out of 37.56 Km, so far 27.76 Km laid. Balance 9.81 Km in progress.Ring Main-2 – Out of 29.67 Km, so far 19.96 Km laid. Balance 9.71 Km in progress.

Project will be completed by Aug’2015