Sir M. Dana Kishore, IAS, Managing Director, HMWSSB said that a new system is being set up to continuously monitor the security operations in the areas where HMWSSB works are being carried out in the city. To this, he conducted a special review with the officers of HMWSSB at Board office on 25-06-2022.

The Managing Director, said the Telangana government has issued directives to ensure that security standards are strictly adhered to in the workplace to prevent untoward incidents. Accordingly HMWSSB has already conducted Safety Awareness Week and Safety Audit from 25-05-2022 to 05-06-2022. Subsequently, the new system is now bringing in more surveillance on security standards at the workplaces. Six Safety Protocol Teams are being set up in six HMWSSB circles with and objective of “Worksite Safety is Citizens Safety”.

He said the new surveillance systems has been installed at all work sites to ensure that waterway pipeline expansions, sewerage lines, leakage prevention works, manhole repairs and security measures are strictly enforced in each area. These Safety Protocol Teams (SPTs) which have been formed consisting a Manager(E), a Constable and a Homeguard with Driver headed by the Chief Vigilance Officer who will be in charge of all these teams. These teams will review every work carried out by the HMWSSB in the city, wherein they will check whether security measures are being taken as per the safety protocol like set up barricades, ensure proper lighting and installation of radium indicators in work areas at night. The SPT vehicles equipped necessary implements for emergency use.

He also directed the authorities to set up caution boards at all the worksites with details like name of the agency, contact person name, phone number in all the areas where the work is being carried out with QR codes by July 5.