Show Cause Notice No.E-98983/B3/2021/                                                          Dated:31-03-2023.


Sub:     HMWSSB – Engg. – Estt. - Sri Mohd. Younus Saleem, DGM(E), Board Office    working under the control of CVO, HMWSSB -Unauthorized absent to duties  - Articles of charges framed - Enquiry Officer appointed - Inquiry Report Submitted  - Examined - Show Cause Notice Proposing punishment of Removal from service under Rule 9(ix) of APCS(CC&A) Rules, 1991(Telangana Adaptation), Order’2016 - Issued.


                   Ref: 1) The SHO, HMWSSB Lr.No. 194/SHO/HMWS&SB P.S, Dt: 15.09.2021 forwarded through the                                CVO, HMWSSB Endt. Dt: 15.09.2021.

                           2) The SHO, HMWSSB Lr.No. 213/SHO/HMWS&SB P.S, Dt: 22.10.2021 forwarded through the                                 CVO, HMWSSB Endt. Dt: 23.10.2021.

                           3) T.O.Memo.No E-98983/B3/2021/749, Dt.16.02.2022.

                           4) Charge Memo 98983/B3/2022/1575,Dt: 07.04.2022

                           5) T/O.Proc. 3193/B4/2016/2843, Dt.22.06.2022.

                           7) The CGM(E),O&M C-II & E.O. report vide Lr.No. 1486, Dt: 08.09.2022.

                           8) The CGM(E), O&M C-II & E.O. report vide Lr.No.3597, Dt.28.02.2023.

                          9) G.O.Ms.No.128 Fin(FR.I) Dept., Dt.01.06.2007

                          9) MD's Note Orders Dt: 28.03.2023.   



Whereas, in the references 1st & 2nd cited, the Chief Vigilance Officer, HMWSSB,   has reported that Sri Mohd. Younus Saleem, Dy.General Manager(Engg), working under his control was not attending office from 24.08.2021 to till date and he neither submitted any leave application nor informed about his absence i.e., un-authorized absence. Further, the Chief Vigilance Officer, HMWSSB has reported that, above incumbent was entrusted certain files received from O/o. the Director (Operations-I & II), HMWSSB directing him to conduct the field inspections and to submit the detailed remarks before Chief Vigilance Officer, but neither the incumbent has joined his duties nor he has handed over the office files entrusted to him, leading to dislocation of work.

Whereas, in the reference 3rd cited,  Sri Mohd. Younus Saleem, Dy.General Manager(Engg), through a memo was directed to join duty immediately for smooth functioning of works entrusted to the  Chief Vigilance Officer, HMWSSB, failing which, the same will be construed as disobedience of the instructions issued and necessary disciplinary action will be initiated against him as per CC&A Rules. Further, he was also called for an explanation why disciplinary action should not be initiated against him for his negligence towards duties. The above said memo was served to him through Registered Post and the same was delivered to him on 19.02.2022 and acknowledgement was received in this office, but the above officer has neither joined duties nor submitted his explanation to this office.

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Whereas, the matter was examined and the following Article of charges were framed against Sri Mohd. Younus Saleem, Dy.General Manager(Engg), vide reference 4th cited and communicated to him. Further, he was directed to submit his written statement of defense within (10) days from the receipt of the charge memo.

Charge :That Sri Mohd. Younus Saleem, Dy.GM(Engg), has committed the misconduct of being unauthorized absent to duties w.e.f  28.08.2021 to till date without applying for any kind of leaves. Further, he was instructed to join duties immediately, but, so far neither he has joined the duties nor he has handed over the office files entrusted to him by the Chief Vigilance Officer, HMWSSB, thereby causing dislocation of work and violation the conduct Rules.

Whereas, Sri Mohd. Younus Saleem, Dy.General Manager(Engg), after receipt of the above charge memo i.e. on 13.04.2022(through registered post) has not submitted his written statement of defense within stipulated time i.e. after expiry of more than (10) days from the receipt of the charge memo.

Whereas, the entire matter was examined and it was decided to appoint Enquiry Officer to conduct inquiry on the charges framed against the above charged Officer. Accordingly, in the reference 6th cited, Sri M.Prabu, Chief General Manager(Engg), O&M Circle-II, HMWSSB was appointed as Enquiry Officer as per Rule 20 of the A.P.C.S(CC&A) Rules, 1991 (Telangana Adaptation), Order, 2016.

Whereas, in the references 7th cited & 8th cited, the Enquiry Officer, has while submitting the copies of postal acknowledgements has reported that he has issued the (3) notices through post to the charged officer on the following, but the charged officer has not attended for inquiry .

Notice No.

Notice Date

Directed to appear on

Served through Registered post and Remarks 



04.07.2022 @ 11.30 AM

Notice received by the Charged Officer 01.07.2022



21.07.2022@ 11.30 AM

Notice received by the Charged Officer 21.07.2022    



30.08.2022 @ 11.30 AM

Notice returned with remarks as "Refused"


Further, the Enquiry Officer has reported that, as the charged officer has neither attended the inquiry nor submitted his statement, he has conducted the inquiry Ex-Party with the available records from Chief Vigilance Officer, HMWSSB and held that, the charges were proved against charged officer as he was not attending to duties from 24.08.2021 and has not submitted any leave application for his unauthorized absence to the concerned office and the several files related to HMWS&SB are held under custody of charged officer and also violated the instructions issued directing him to join the duties.

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          Further, the above case of unauthorized absence to duties was also examined with reference to the G.O. in the reference 7th cited, wherein, orders were issued that, the Government servant shall deemed to have been resigned from the service if he is absent without authorization for a period exceeding "one year".Provided that a reasonable opportunity to explain the reason for such absence shall be given to the Government Servant before invoking the Rule.

      Whereas, the above charged officer was given reasonable opportunity to submit his explanation, but the charge officer failed to submit his explanation.

    Therefore, having regards to the findings of Enquiry Officer and instructions issued in the G.O vide reference 7th cited, the entire matter has been examined and the following show cause notice is hereby issued to Sri Mohd. Younus Saleem, Dy.General Manager(Engg), worked under the control of CVO, HMWSSB.




Sri.Mohd. Younus Saleem, Dy.General Manager(Engg), worked under the control of CVO, HMWSSB, is hereby called upon to show cause as to why the punishment of Removal from service under Rule 9(ix) of A.P.C.S(CC&A) Rules, 1991(Telangana Adaptation), Order’2016 should not be imposed against him for being unauthorized absence to duties w.e.f  24.08.2021.


He should submit his reply to this show cause notice within (15) days from the date of its receipt, failing which he will not be given further opportunity of making representation. The Enquiry report is herewith enclosed. 


Encl: As above.





Sri Mohd.Younus Saleem, Dy.General Manager(Engg),


Prem Nagar, Amberpet,

Hyderabad –500013.


Copy to the Chief Vigilance Officer, HMWSSB, for information and n/a.

Copy to the DGM(F&A), Pre-Audit & Staff Claims, HMWSSB for information and n/a.