In the wake of the of news spread that contaminated drinking water was supplied to Chintabavi Basti in Mettuguda, Secunderabad, the HMWSSB officials Ajmira Krishna, ENC & Director Operations-1, Deputy Speaker Sri T. Padma Rao visited the area on 28-04-2023.

On the inquiry dated 25-04-2023 it is observed that, the local line men opened the valve in the area during the supply timings, it was noticed that 15 - 20 households were supplied with contaminated water for the first 5-10 minutes and reported the same to the senior officials. Noting down the linemen's statement, the officers concerned stopped immediately the water supply and alerted the households not to use the water for drinking which is supplied few minutes back and made the arrangements immediately through water tankers in the same area.

During the inspection of the officers,  the pipe line was tested with a pollution checking machine to find out the location where the water was polluted. It has been confirmed that sewage water has entered the drinking water pipe line from a house connection near the sewage man hole in the area.

In the next supply on 27.04.2023, concerned CGM and GM(QAT) visited the incident area and conducted chlorine tests, wherein the chlorine percentage was found to be 0.2 ppm. The HMWSSB officials contacted the doctors of Basti Davakhana of the area and inquired about the health conditions of the people admitted due to drinking of polluted water. It was observed that some of them are suffering from diarrhea and fever. The doctors said that there is no need to worry and their health is stable and healthy.

Deputy Speaker T. Padma Rao spoke to the HMWSSB officials and instructed  to remove and replace the old sewer line immediately with new one. Until then, it has been advised to supply drinking water to the residents of that area through water tankers.