Due to heavy rains for last two days, the MD, HMWSSB Sri M. Dana Kishore, IAS, a reviewed with the officials on the situation at Board office on 20-07-2023.


The MD instructed the officials to take all kinds of preventive measures to tackle the situation, for this, the Emergency Response Teams (ERT) and SPT vehicles are to work standby. The vulnerable points like frequent sewage overflows are to be identified  in addition to pay special attention in quality of drinking water supplied and special measures should be taken to prevent the water contamination and to ensure that there is adequate amount of chlorine in the drinking water.

HMWSSB has already set up around 16 ERT teams in the city, each team consists of five personnel and other essential equipment. Special vehicles have also been arranged to dewater the flood water from the stagnant areas. Apart from this, another 16 mini air tech vehicles have also been made available  round the clock.

 Installation of Safety Grills on Manholes:

The MD has also instructed that covers and safety grills are mandatory on manholes. The safety grilles have already been installed for more than 22 thousand manholes. The HMWSSB and GHMC will monitor the water logging points regularly and remove the waste (silt) taken from the manholes from time to time. Caution boards should be installed at flooded manholes and see that there are sewage supervisors near the deep manholes and the personnel working in the field must have protective equipment available.

The MD appealed to people not to open the lids of manholes under any circumstances, opening the lids of manholes is a crime under Section 74 of the Water Board Act, and if they are violated, criminal cases will be registered. If the manhole cover is destroyed or found to be left open anywhere, please call the customer care number of HMWSSB on 155313 and give information.