On 21st December 2023, the Institute of Engineers Bhawan resonated with heartfelt tributes as members of the Jalamandali Engineering Association (JEA) and colleagues gathered to honor Sri M. Dana Kishore, the former Managing Director of HMWSSB. His illustrious seven-and-a-half-year tenure paved the way for his elevation to the esteemed position of Principal Secretary, MA&UD.

Addressing the gathering, Sri M. Dana Kishore, IAS proudly recalled his journey with the Water Board, emphasizing the collective efforts behind the completion of numerous Service Reservoirs, Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs), and pivotal water supply projects. He passionately shared his vision for Hyderabad, assuring a blueprint to mitigate drinking water challenges for the next four decades, setting a benchmark unparalleled in the nation.

All the staff members including Directors, Executive Director reminisced about his transformative leadership during the period of Sri M. Dana Kishore. His legacy is not just his record tenure but also the remarkable advancements in promoting deserving employees, with a whopping 80% receiving promotions under his leadership. His unwavering commitment propelled HMWSSB to excel in drinking water supply, sewage management, and technology integration.

Sri M. Dana Kishore's journey, starting in Water Board from April 7, 2016, until December 17, 2023. His visionary leadership ushered in revolutionary reforms, ensuring uninterrupted drinking water supply, sanitation management, and sewage treatment. Notably, the commitment to treat 100% sewage and pioneering initiatives like the ORR Phase projects, rainwater harvesting, and "Dial a Septic Tanker" service exemplified his innovative approach.

Under his dynamic leadership, HMWSSB embarked on transformative projects including Development of 56 reservoirs through the HUDCO project, Launching of the OTS scheme for debt collection and Initiatives like 'Jalam Jeevam' highlighted water's intrinsic value. Achieving ISO certification, constructing the "Ring Main" project, and establishing a central water quality laboratory showcased HMWSSB's commitment to excellence. Groundbreaking projects like the Sunkishala ensured Hyderabad's water security for the next 40 years.

Accolades and Acknowledgments:

Sri M. Dana Kishore's tenure witnessed HMWSSB basking in the limelight of numerous accolades, including the Global Water Award, HUDCO Award, and the World Water Award, among many others.