Pattana Pragathi program held at Shilpa Kala Vedika in Madhapur on 16-06-2023 as part of the Telangana Dashabdi celebrations. Sri K. Taraka Rama Rao, Hon'ble Minister for MA&UD attended as chief guest  and said that no matter how much Hyderabad's population increases in the future, there is adequate water supply.

Minister KTR said that Hyderabad is the only city that has adequate water supply even if the population doubles up to 2050. He explained that the cabinet has given approval to supply drinking water from Kondapochamma Sagar and Mallanna Sagar. He further said that soon Hyderabad will go down in history as a city that treats 100 percent sewage and ponds and rivers can be protected from pollution due to complete purification of sewage water. He recalled that the HMWSSB prepared a Sewerage Master Plan for 5 km beyond the ORR along with the Outer Ring Road. He praised the role of water board officials, staff and workers.

Sri M. Dana Kishore, IAS, Managing Director, HMWSSB said that at present the Board is providing abundant water supply to the greater Hyderabad city and plans have been prepared for the future needs. He said that Hyderabad used to depend on Osman Sagar and Himayat Sagar reservoirs earlier for drinking water needs, but now there is no need for that. At present, HMWSSB is providing 560 MGD of water from Godavari drinking water supply phase-1, Krishna water upto ORR through three phases. He mentioned that the HMWSSB has taken up a massive project  Ring Main for continuous water supply to the city by merging Krishna and Godavari Water and also the government is constructing the Sunkishala project for the future generations at a cost of Rs.2214 crores. He said that all this was possible because of the visionary Chief Minister KCR and Municipal Minister KTR. He said that the HMWSSB is already providing free drinking water up to 20 thousand liters per month benefiting 62 percent of the population. He further said that the 31 newly constructed STPs in the city will be available soon as a result, the sewage water generated daily will be treated one hundred percent.

Earlier the Minister KTR and MD, HMWSSB participated in the inauguration ceremony of the ward office held in Kachiguda. The Minister KTR said that the system of ward offices has been set up that the people need not go to the officials where as the officials come to the people to redress the grievances. The ward staff are instructed to complete the work within the stipulated time as per the Citizen Charter.